Digital Marketing Predictions for 2017 to Inspire and Tell, "Hey, Pull Up Your Socks!"

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Without a doubt, it’s the age of the customer as they interact with brands across various touchpoints. While the last few years have been amazing for online marketing, the industry refuses to stop. We still haven’t hit the end of the year, but that shouldn’t stop us from thinking how the industry is going to change and how you should consequently.


1. The Rise Of Augmented And Virtual Reality

Heard of Pokémon Go? If you haven’t been living under a rock, I’m sure you have! The free-to-play, location-based augmented reality game hit millions of downloads and earned $10 million in a day! Now, who would have predicted this unprecedented radical kick-off, but it did. The game has had crucial effects on the online marketing community;

a) it has shown that users are ready for augmented reality (AR) experiences, and b) for marketers, there’s huge earning potential in the field. Thus, in the near future you can expect more AR games, AR ads and use of AR apps.

I remember reading Adobe’s DeBellis somewhere saying, “AR and VR will change the way marketers can engage with customers and drive experiences beyond what is possible today. The challenge for marketers will be to learn how to create content for these formats to fully leverage the opportunities they offer.”

2. AR Goes Hand In Hand With Good Content Marketing

Additionally, because AR is so engaging, users are craving for more such experiences which give marketers the opportunity to exploit this area using right content marketing. 

Marketers can offer 360 degree videos to make your consumers ‘live the moment’. You can also host live webinars and workshops to engage them with you. The key here is to provide them with some kind of interaction to make them feel important and that they’re not just staring at a screen.

3. Video Consumption Is Going To Give Massive ROI

Live video watching has become a trend thanks to faster internet services and omnipresence of mobile devices. Users are demanding and at the same time enjoying more in-the-moment content, giving them vivid access to a world they did not have a way in earlier. 

More and more apps and social media platforms are providing some kind of ‘live streaming’ functionality to draw viewers. Remember, this year’s first US Presidential debate was also streamed live?

4. Mobile Will 100% Dominate Desktop

Without a doubt 2016 was massive for mobile and we’ve seen how Google practically phased-out all websites not optimized for mobile. 

The ubiquitous presence of mobile devices and fading desktops clearly indicates that mobile is going to be the money making machine in the near future and marketers should focus on mobile focused internet marketing. Mobile search and optimization should be your top priority in 2017.

5. Wearable Technology & Smart Devices

OK, we’ve seen Apple iWatch, Google Glass and a lot of other smart devices that can be worn on-the-go and they keep you connected to the digital world. 2017 will see much more of such smart wearable tech devices that will alter how you do local marketing.

6.  Get On Top With Good Quality Content

The brand with a good content marketing strategy will rule the charts thanks to invasion of good content writers and producers who have made the content marketing field highly competitive with their ‘viral’ content and marketing strategies. There’s going to be a surge in demand for niche-based writers who possess knowledge and expertise in their subject matter.

Content is and will remain king!