#5 Things a Marathon Teaches you as an Entrepreneur

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Ever wondered why so many CEOs around the world are long distance runners. Running a marathon is like running a startup. It teaches you patience, enhances your capabilities and imparts you with the right attitude.


Running a marathon, a 21 miler is no joke and neither is running a company. Each one requires utmost dedication.

Here are some pointers you as an entrepreneur can learn from running a Marathon.


1. Preparation and practise

The importance of practise and preparation is unparalleled. Preparation for a marathon requires thorough practise which includes strength training, nutrition and putting in long runs and understanding your body so as to achieve the dream of long distance running.

Business is all about long distance and not sprinting. Startups require a marathoners mindset. An entrepreneur needs a proper understanding of business & proper practise of skills for success.

2. Never give up attitude

Marathoners have the knack of never giving up. They keep toiling and working hard towards their goal. While running you have to keep motivating yourself at every mile to stay strong and keep going on. This takes utmost will and determination and is not easy to keep up with. As Entrepreneurs we need to keep at it and not give up. You will face difficulties in terms of things not going your way but best thing is to never give up like a marathoner.

Think of why you started this journey of Entrepreneurship ? Attitude will take you ahead in life and in your journey of becoming a successful person.


3. Dedication

The best founders are in it for the long haul. It doesn’t matter if you plan to IPO in 5 years and exit, or if you want to run the business your whole life — if you want to be successful, you have to have long-term vision.

But at the same time, you have to work really hard, probably earlier in the morning and later at night than your friends. Daily.

In long distance running, most people assume it’s purely about endurance, stamina. Nothing could be further from the truth.

You physically sprint at the beginning and end of the race, up every hill, and whenever you pass an opponent. A successful runner knows that the only way to win is to both cruise and fly.

4. Rest, done right, is productive

I’ve always admired the founders that grind out 80 hour work weeks, but I fail to believe that it’s necessary. Proper rest in terms of learning new things and being productive is important for entrepreneurs.

It’s the same for athletes too. Productive rest for the runner looks like, stretching, ice baths, swimming, and even slow-paced long-runs on the off days. Yoga helps too.

5. Analyse your performance

Most marathoners after their race in general analyse and go through their performance to determine how they can improve themselves. As entrepreneurs also need to give time analysing competitors as well as scrutinize their journey so far. It’s important to learn from mistakes and do the best for yourself.

Running a marathon teaches a lot about oneself and others. In this process one discovers what is right/wrong for one's body, from which Entrepreneurs can learn a lot.