Why Have Organizations Realized the Importance of Efficient Data Managers

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Data management and filtration has been one of the key requisites of global and local companies. Speaking to Entrepreneur, Balaji Rao, Managing Director, India and SAARC Region at Veritas Technologies, spoke about the relevance of data security and management in today’s world and why it’s necessary to appoint the right folks to do this job.


Veritas Technologies enables organisations to harness the power of their information, with information management solutions serving the world’s largest and most complex environments. Veritas works with organizations of all sizes, including 86 percent of global Fortune 500 companies, improving data availability and revealing insights to drive competitive advantage. The company is worth $2.5 billion, with more than 50,000 enterprise customers globally.

Data management has become more complex today!

When customers want to manage data today, the process has gotten more complex today. Earlier it was your own data centre but now you have hybrid cloud system adoption, Balaji said.

Balaji further said that there needs to be given to the importance of classifying data – stale data versus relevant data and so on. Today organizations have enormous about of data but unfortunately don’t have them classified on priority basis, he adds. Banks, telecos, healthcare companies are some of the sectors which definitely need to adopt strict data management measures.

Today data is very scattered and unstructured due to the advent of social media channels. Organizations are now waking up to the fact that there needs to be steps taken to preserve this data in a cost efficient manner. The storage cost of data is a big infrastructure requirement today and as IT budgets are getting slimmer day-by-day. The only place you can cut costs is infrastructure and a big chunk of that is attributed to storage costs, Balaji said.

Balaji has more than 20 years of experience working with blue chip technology companies delivering the business. Technologies covered range from Cloud, Security, Storage, Test Automation software, Infrastructure Management to more recently Information Management at Veritas.

The need for Chief Data Officer

According to Balaji, today companies need to appoint the right person to look into matters of data storage and at the same time comply with the regulations.

“I think we (companies) are reaching a scale and size that at some time in point very soon we will have no choice than appoint these officers in place. It is a very serious topic today and the offshoots are not about storage costs, that’s more commercially driven challenge. When you look at the governance and the legal side of things, you need to respond quickly to a lot of the legal and governance related issues. If you don’t have somebody to take of these things, a company will not be able to respond immediately within a stipulated time,” he said.

Businesses like pharma, banking, which need to collate enormous amount of data need efficient people to manage their data.

Talking about the process of appointing good data management officers, experience around data analysis, certificate courses and data scientists are some of the key must haves, Marcus Loh, Direcotr (APJ) Technology Practices at Veritas noted.

Veritas collaborated with Amazon Web Services (AWS) earlier this week, to enable data management capabilities across hybrid architectures for customers, and to help enterprise IT organizations successfully navigate their journey to the cloud.