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We Watch 1 Billion Hours of YouTube Every Day

Google announces we watch a staggering amount of streaming video content daily.

This story originally appeared on PCMag

Streaming content services such as Netflix and Amazon Video are becoming ever more popular, but it's YouTube where our eyeballs spend the most time. Google confirmed as much this week by announcing people now watch 1 billion hours of YouTube content every single day.

JuliusKielaitis |

To put that into context, one person attempting to watch 1 billion hours of video would need to set aside 100,000 years. And yet, as a collective we manage to achieve that on a daily basis.

The YouTube Blog points to "fantastically diverse videos" as the reason we spend so much time with our eyeballs focused on the video streaming site. But I do wonder what percentage of those billion hours is cat videos.

What's more impressive than a billion hours watched each day is the infrastructure Google must have in place to cope with this demand. And it's not just streaming a billion hours, it's also all the new video content that gets uploaded every day.The latest statistics courtesy of Fortunelords claims 300 hours of video is uploaded every minute.

These are figures that are set to continue growing. YouTube Red is still in its infancy and will surely encourage some 30 million plus users who visit YouTube every day to stay longer and watch more. Hours uploaded each day will also continue to increase as more publishers adopt the YouTube platform to generate revenue.

One billion hours a day sounds impressive, but five years from now it's probably going to look very unimpressive.

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