Youth Not a Barrier to Making Good Investment Decisions - Mohandas Pai

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When Pranav and Siddarth decided to join the venture brigade, father Mohandas Pai, who is also the co-founder of Aarin Capital simply told them to analyse in detail and make decisions on merit. Mohandas Pai, better known as MDP, asked his sons to review data constantly and mentor the founders, to keep the investee and investor interests above their own, to be transparent and work with integrity, to keep costs down.

Aarin Capital

Age not a barrier to making great decisions 

Elaborating on what Pranav and Siddarth taught him about venture funding MDP said, “Youth is not a barrier to making good investment decisions so long as capability exists. They have proven, through facility and diligence that their way of thinking will contribute immensely to our future.”

He also never felt that his sons’ age could prevent people from taking them seriously as the start-up ecosystem has founders in the same age group. “But investors may have concern about lack of experience and track record. So told them to invest their own money first and build a track record. They have some of the most interesting and objectively impressive results in the early stage now,” he adds.

Siddarth and Pranav’s 3one4 Capital currently invests in span multiple markets and cut across categories, with a focus on emerging domains and new trends. They include: education technology, network effects-driven platforms, workflow automation, consumer intelligence, data-driven actionable machine-intelligence for enterprises, drone technology, media and multi-lingual content generation, agri-tech, fintech, ecosystem and capacity-building value propositions, and brand-driven ventures. The fund is currently engaged in the early stage of the spectrum, with a bias towards companies exploiting technology to create, grow, or dominate large markets in