"This is When I Realized that 9-5 Corporate Job is Not for me"

I firmly believe that if you love what you want to do, it would never seem like work and a burden on you.

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I would like to begin by sharing a popular quote here, “Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try”.


While one need to perform ones social and family responsibilities, there is a time in life where one needs to take that plunge for the sake of ones own wellbeing and happiness, cause that is ultimately all that matters.

I firmly believe that if you love what you want to do, it would never seem like work and a burden on you. You would take up challenges with utmost zeal.

You always has two choices every single day- 1 )To either live the life what others want you to live and succumb to family and social pressures 2). To put your heart, soul and all the energy you have in creating what you wish to. And trust me, the second path may be the more difficult one and may test your patience to the hilt, but that is bound to give you ultimate satisfaction and success sooner or later. 

I may not consider myself as really successful. I have miles to go before I sleep. But yes, I certainly look forward to waking up early every morning and getting to work, as it gives me immense happiness, and that is what I feel ultimately matters.

To me any job would be considered as daily routine if you do not have interest in it anymore. And that explains why you shouldn’t be in it any longer. If normal is boring for you, then you should certainly take that call pretty soon in your life and follow your heart, else you would burn out soon, and that is worse. I took this call pretty earlier in my career path, when I realized that a 9-5 finance corporate job was certainly not for me. I am a peoples’ person and love to be creative. It gives me an absolute high to meet newer people each day and to help give shape to their dreams of doing up their homes. I put my heart and soul into each residential site that I work on. For me the concept of Modular Kitchen and wardrobes was very fascinating while it wasn’t even heard of in most parts of the country. I was extremely passionate about it then, and that passion has only grown with 18 yrs of rich experience into this Industry. Today I can only think of ways to bring better and more logical and easy solutions to people at large.

Had I been into that same finance job, trust me I would have retired by now. But since I am reliving my passion each day, the only way I can pave myself is forward. I still feel I have just begun. Now that is the feeling one can get if one decides to be courageous enough to follow ones heart. So if you too want to look forward to getting to work with the same zeal even after 20 yrs into work, get thinking, if you are doing the right thing and are in the right work space or not. Get courageous and get going, it has to come from within.