Ask The Exec: Dr. Reem Osman, CEO, Saudi German Hospital Dubai

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What are the factors that count for successful leadership in today’s business world? We chatted with enterprise head honchos in the MENA region to learn how they managed turning their driven personalities, high-risk tolerance, and strong work ethics into a competitive advantage. In this edition, we talk to Dr. Reem Osman, CEO, Saudi German Hospital Dubai, and a member of Young Presidents' Organization, to learn her leadership strategy.

Saudi German Hospital
Dr Reem Osman, CEO, Saudi German Hospital Dubai

Q Over the course of your career, what factors do you think contribute to making a CEO a great leader for an organization?

A "Part of the Saudi German Hospitals Group, one of the largest private hospital groups in the Middle East, Saudi German Hospital Dubai started in March 2012 as the sixth tertiary care hospital within the Group. It is now considered as one of the major tertiary care hospitals in the UAE. To achieve this, I keep myself motivated by loving my job and by maintaining a positive attitude among my team members to strive towards the goal of the company. I focus on continuous learning whether in my personal life, or day-to-day operations at work. Due to me learning from mistakes, my management style has changed over the years as I gained more experience and more maturity. However, I always ensure to have the same passion, to put in a high level of hard work and to ensure clear communication to explain my vision to my team so that we all are working on the same goal together and sharing knowledge and expertise.

It goes without saying that both established companies and startups have unique challenges. If an established company is in a known industry, they will have a very difficult time overcoming current perceptions, maintaining growth, profitability and their brand in the market, whereas a startup has to find people willing to join a still unknown company. The longer the business takes to become established, the higher the financial risk becomes. Either way, a good marketing strategy is key to achieving the goals.

To become a good leader, you need to lead by example, and apply a dynamic management style with a touch of innovation. As a CEO, I always make sure to inspire my team to focus on the company’s future goals and I always appreciate them for their hard work, not just to uplift their spirits, but because I believe that your business and your employees are a reflection of yourself."


Dr. Reem Osman’s tips for entrepreneurs fronting their enterprises

1. Maintain high levels of communication “Always have open communication with everyone, from high level to junior level staff.”

2. Focus on innovation “You need to keep on innovating to adapt to market changes when needed.”

3. Work with passion “Make sure to always maintain the passion in your job.”

4. Set a good example “As a good leader, always set a good example to the staff and, as a result, their commitment will come naturally.”

5. Be confident “Be confident enough to set a goal, but stay calm and you will keep your team feeling the same.”

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