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How To Align Your Company's Goals With Millennials' Approach To Work

How To Align Your Company's Goals With Millennials' Approach To Work
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Almost every talk I’ve attended over the past few years discussed the importance of targeting millennials. To put it into context, who are the millennials? According to, anyone born from 1977 to 2000. The reason this demographic is brought up from time to time is because they tick all the boxes for any company trying to sell something- whether it is a product, service or a job. This group is ‘cool’ or ‘on fleek’ (my 17-year-old sister uses that term), tech savvy, are open to new experiences, serial entrepreneurs by nature, support companies that serve a cause, are more informed, and so on.

Millennials are as disruptive as the technology they have developed, such as social media, apps and driverless cars. They are always on the hunt for new ideas, new adventures and taking more risks. This generation doesn’t believe in following a “system” when they join organizations, but rather opts to be a part of the system and feels that they run the company and not just work for the company. It is not to say that they are spoilt or are being too demanding, this generation has been influenced by way too much information and more importantly, the timeliness of that information. Today, you can access live feed of news and updates from anywhere in the world simply by having a Wi-Fi signal.

This information influences decision-making almost every day. Therefore, companies that will stand out and attract talented millennials are the ones that will succeed in matching the passion which the millennial has for life to the passion for making the company successful. It may even be that we need to look at hiring very differently, where we don’t “employ” but we “enroll” talent.

Millennials will give it their all, whether they work from the office, home or anywhere else, and they will become true ambassadors for the company. Once business owners understand this, and take it into account, the entire attitude will change.

It’s no rocket science, because we need to erase the old definition of work in our minds since from now on, jobs are for robots and life is for people. Millennials rock!

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