'I Quit My Job to Devote Myself to Yogic Life'

This entrepreneur's vision is to bring at least one element of being a yogi in everyone's life

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In 2008, I had attended a Yoga workshop by the Isha Foundation and met the Sadhguru for the first time. I realized that it is a waste of life to keep on achieving professional goals, without any passion.


You work hard till you get to the premium college, then your dream job, your dream home – this never-ending cycle is completely purposeless! At that time, I was working at the Motorola Global Software Group in Bengaluru and my next move came as a surprise (rather shocker).

I quit my job and shelved my MBA plans and moved to Coimbatore to join Isha Yoga Center as a full-time volunteer to explore Yoga in its full depth and dimension.

For the next five years, I devoted myself to the Yogic life. Apart from learning advanced yoga and arranging workshops, I also helped them with IT, accounting to marketing etc.

Life at the ‘ashram’ dramatically changed my perspective towards life. When I returned to Bengaluru in 2014, there was a deep longing to share my experiences with the world and it was clear to me that this is something I really cared about.

And, I wanted to make such experiences available to others. Since I enjoyed being with kids, I initially joined an education start-up, Edusports, as its marketing head. Simultaneously, I joined Iken’s entrepreneurship classes. During this time, I also focused on saving money needed to start a venture.

And, finally I attended another Isha’s advanced course before starting ‘Yogi Re’ in 2016. My vision with ‘Yogi Re’ is to bring at least one element of being a Yogi in everyone’s life. You don’t need to move mountains for this. It is not about what you do in life but how you feel from within.

If even an element of being a yogi, touches people's lives, they will live joyfully and find success in whatever they do.