Best Quotes of the 'Khalnayak' of Indian Cinema

"Acting for me is like riding a cycle, which I would keep doing properly"

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Life of the most talked about actor of Indian cinema, Sanjay Dutt, has been no less than a character of a superhit Bollywood potboiler.

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Dutt has survived every wound that life gave him – and the scars have only made him stronger. For him, life has never been free from turbulences – whether his failed marriages, drug addiction or long jail-terms for his alleged connections with the underworld.

The ups and downs of his life couldn’t shake his self-confidence, and has rather helped him become a better person.

With his comeback film “Bhoomi” round the corner, in which Dutt is playing the lead character of a father, we take a look at some of the best quotes of the actor.

  • While sharing his experience at the annual convention of EEMA's (Event and Entertainment Management Association) in Delhi, after serving two years' jail-term, the actor said,    

“For me, life has not been beautiful. It has been like going up to Mount Everest and then falling down. But every time I climbed the peak, I reached the top (again), beech mein nahin gira.”

  • The actor had been behind the bars on and off since 1993 Mumbai Blasts Case. When one of the reporters asked about his survival strategy in jail, he replied,

"I learnt this - apna kaam karo, hope mat karo. (Never hope. It is the most difficult thing. Once you cut that hope, life is easy, you survive so beautifully.)”

  • Clearly, the actor’s life has been an open book for the people in country as Dutt has never shied away to speak about his experiences in the media. As he always says,  

“My life is an open book and people know everything about it. I do not fear that anything from my life will create a controversy as all my life has gone in controversies. I want to go across the country and speak to people about my life and share my journey.”

  • On his comeback in Bollywood, the actor explained his passion for acting in the best possible way.

Can anyone ever forget how to ride a cycle? Acting for me is like riding a cycle, which I would keep doing properly. He defined his new film as a comeback of sorts.”

  •  Life can be very unpredictable and challenging at times, but a right spirit to fight with all situations can keep us moving ahead. For Dutt, his life-stories are no less than a Bollywood-film’s script, where the actor continues to learn from his mistakes.

“I am on a highway or a super expressway and riding at full speed. Life has given many experiences and many stories and I am still learning to live in the world and I still strive for good experiences.”

  • For Dutt, a real friendship is having no expectations from your friend yet be there for him/her in the bad times.

"Friendship for me is to have no expectation from your friend. Mujhe kuch zarurat nahin hai, kuch expectation nahin hai. Uske bure waqt mein main uske saath khada rahunga, par khushi mein shayad periphery pe hoon.”

  • Dutt revealed that while he was in jail, he read so many mythological books which includes Ramayan, Bhagwad Gita, Shiv Puran, Ganesh Puran, Bible, Quran Sharif and Guru Granth Sahib that now he can talk to any priest or maulana about the existence and power of God.   

I can sit and talk to any maulana or any priest and make sense. I had a small temple, samne bathroom tha tab bhi mandir tha. God is in your heart.”

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