These Start-ups will Take Care of Your Pets When You Are Away, on a Trip

They are providing services like grooming, veterinary treatment and even find a perfect sitter for your pets

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Taking care of pets is more difficult than most people think. Besides your love and care, pets need your attention, time and money to stay fit. 


They value human attention a lot, but because of our busy work schedule they end up staying alone at home most of the time.

A host of entrepreneurs have come forward to solve this problem. Their start-ups are coming up with innovative techniques to take care of your furry friends. Their apps have made things very convenient for users. 

Understanding Pets' Needs

Managing pets at home can be challenging. Pune-based is a one-stop solution for all the difficulties that pet parents face. Its services can be availed from the comforts of home. It grooms pets, offers veterinary treatment, finds a perfect sitter and also has Woof shop. Founded by Anshul Goenka, the start-up has answers to all problems.

Pampering Your Pets

If you are one of those who can’t imagine going on a holiday leaving your pet at home, then Pune-based The Paws Pack is your troubleshooter. It’s the brainchild of Tanya Kanetkar Kane and Neha Panchamiya Jangle and helps in matters of pet ownership. The Paws Pack offers a homely environment to your pets when their owners are on a vacation. It provides a private suite to pamper them and keep them in a cheerful mood when you are away.  

Find Perfect Mate for Your Dog

Does your dog need a mate? Woof- My Best Buddy, founded by Gaganjyot Juneja and Mandeep Singh, helps in finding a perfect mate for your dog through their dog mating app. The app through its ‘Love nest’ feature enables owners to match their dogs with the best mating partner in their locality. There are options to ‘like’ or ‘love’ a dog profile. If one clicks on the ‘love’ option of a dog profile, the match is sent to the database of that owner, from where it can be taken forward. Apart from this, the Dehradun-based start-up also provides its users a platform to chat with other dog owners.

Feed Your Pet Home-cooked Food

Home-cooked food is one of the best options to ensure that your dog is on a healthy diet. Gurgaon-based pet food ordering platform Doggie Dabbas provides the benefits of home-cooked food. It also offers package food. Besides, it prepares customized diet charts for each dog, after studying its needs and problems. Founded by pet chef Rashee Kuchroo in 2011, the start-up ensures that every dog receives appropriate nutrition from the diet prepared based on its needs.