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The 20 Most Searched-for Business Types (Infographic)

The graphic also contains a breakdown of the most popular business type by state.


Ever use to search for your latest business idea? You're not the only one.

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Most of these aspiring entrepreneurs inquired about clothing lines, restaurants and , according to an analysis by machinery seller Bid on Equipment.

The most predictably successful fall into two categories: trade skills that keep other businesses running and specialized services for personalized care. , website design and computer services make up roughly 40 percent of all small businesses, indicating a broad market where many can succeed. Specialized services such as dentistry, and make up the majority of the top small businesses, as they can be managed at scale and have the advantage of securing a niche.

Wherever your dreams may take you, requires passion, commitment and the ability to balance both the glamorous and menial tasks of being the boss. For more insights into the most searched about business types as well as the most profitable, check out BOE’s below.

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