#5 Inspiring Quotes by Kazuo Ishiguro To Keep You Going

Ishiguro recently won the 2017 Nobel Prize for Literature

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Japanese-born British author Kazuo Ishiguro recently won the 2017 Nobel Prize for Literature for authoring eight novels that have been adapted into 40 languages, making him one of the most internationally well-known winners of the coveted prize. But did you know billionaire and star entrepreneur Jeff Bezos was inspired by Ishiguro's writing and developed a concept he calls “the regret-minimization framework,” a way of living his life that reduces remorse.


Here are five powerful qoutes by the award-winning author, to keep you going and re-think your approach to handling situations on life.

  • “If you are under the impression you have already perfected yourself, you will never rise to the heights you are no doubt capable of.” 
  •  “You have to accept that sometimes that's how things happen in this world. People's opinions, their feelings, they go one way, then the other. It just so happens you grew up at a certain point in this process.
  • “What is the point of worrying oneself too much about what one could or could not have done to control the course one’s life took? Surely it is enough that the likes of you and I at least try to make our small contribution count for something true and worthy. And if some of us are prepared to sacrifice much in life in order to pursue such aspirations, surely that in itself, whatever the outcome, cause for pride and contentment.”
  • “When you are young, there are many things which appear dull and lifeless. But as you get older, you will find these are the very things that are most important to you.”
  • "Our fate is to face the world as orphans, chasing through long years the shadows of vanished parents. There is nothing for it but to try and see through our missions to the end, as best we can, for until we do so, we will be permitted no calm.”
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