Agamoni Ghosh

Former Staff, Entrepreneur India

She was generating stories out of Bengaluru for Entrepreneur India. She has worked with leading national and international business publications, including Newsweek, Business Standard, and CNBC in the past. 


Growth Strategies

Why Are Indian Startups Shy of Going Public

Is it larger scrutiny, or just the non-willingness to take a risk?

Growth Strategies

Beyond Unicorns: To Build A $100bn Company We Need To Solve Real India's Problems

Creation of just a handful of unicorns is not enough feels Jayant Sinha, the Minster for Civil Aviation


From Seed Stage to the Last Mile: All You Need To Know About Fund Raising For Startups

Know what each stage depicts and why they are important


Have Fintech Companies Failed India's Farming Community

The farming community is still largely dependent on traditional credit.


Why Women Need To Be Investors and Not Just Entrepreneurs

The number of women at the top of the investor pyramid are virtually non-existent.


Applying For Funding? Here's What You May Be Doing Wrong

You may have a great idea, but if not presented well, the funding may never come

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