Common Bad Habits Millennials Need to Stop Making at Workplace

One should not think the workplace is a service center for emotional needs.

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To achieve greater success in the workplace, one must implement positive work habits like punctuality, patience, productivity etc. A bad habit can risk your career and affect your relationship with colleagues and boss. With the new year fast approaching, entrepreneurs need to slip back into good habits that can help build a successful career. So, give up these bad habits to become a more productive person in the workplace. Entrepreneur India lists out few bad workplace habits that you need to stop right now  :


Take Every Project Seriously:

When it comes to the workplace, the millennial generation has always been subject to praise and criticism.

For Ketan Kapoor, CEO & Co-founder,Mettl, as a Millennial, the core understanding when coming to business objectives is to take every project seriously and with the utmost of severity rather than jumping from project to project. 

"Millennials also need to better understand how to take criticism. They are a sensitive generation, so they need to work to be less petty when it comes to reacting to what is said to them. Also, many millennials don't understand the difference between being an entrepreneur and doing something innovative. The sense of entitlement that they want to instantly grab is not what they can achieve in one day. And certainly not on their own," said Kapoor.

Lack of Teamwork:

The immediate need for gratification and perks at every step creates a huge void between the organizational objective and the final outcome. 

"There is a general lack of teamwork and coordination in this generation.Even though they have a good knowledge of the subject, the discordance in the team leads to poor work quality and inefficient work profiles," added Kapoor.

Keep Personal Issues Away From the Workplace :

According to Purvi Sheth, CEO, Shilputsi Consultants, the millennial generation should not think the workplace is a service center for their emotional needs.

"It's alright if you don't get instant appreciation & recognition.Don't forget to learn from experienced (older) people, they can teach you as much as you can teach them.Also, define “hard work” correctly. It may no longer mean spending hours sitting in the office, but it still means results & consistency in your dedication towards them," said Sheth.

 Know What Your Customers Want:

Remember its not about you even if you work for a millennial, your success can hang in the hands of non-millennials (your customer).Find out what they want not what you want to give them 

" Millennials must realize confidence is not measured by how easily they can walk away from their job but how well they cope with difficulty & adversity," stressed Sheth.

Avoid Overconfidence :

The moment a millennial gets comfortable at the workplace, he/she starts thinking that it's now okay to make demands instead of requests. They tend to forget that their boss still commands respect and if they are friendly, they shouldn't take it too forward.

Pravin V Patil. MD & CEO. Starkenn Sports Pvt. Ltd, emphasized that one needs to understand that one cannot learn everything overnight.

"One should not become overconfident. Millennials sometimes think that traditional ways are of no use and invest too much in technology. This sometimes becomes annoying as a workplace requires both traditional and modern methods of communication," said Patil.

Don't Be a Job Hopper!:

Millennial also need to understand that with power comes great responsibility.

"They need to understand if they have been given any promotion/hike they need to continue with the organization for some time and not use it as an exit pass to join another organization with better pay package. Stability is something that millennials need to value in order to build a strong foundation for their careers," he added.