How This Entrepreneur is Winning the Match Point

"Sports is a great leveler in the ever-changing world of entrepreneurship," believes the 38-year-old.

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For this entrepreneur tennis ball and racket came first and later came a business plan. Shriranga Sudhakara, Managing Director and Founder, Vyoma played for junior Indian team and later competed at a number of ATP Challengers. A major knee injury, however, deterred him from playing professional tennis and look for an alternate career.

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Started in 2007, his ad-tech firm has now grown to become one of India’s most formidable players. “Sports is a great leveler in the ever-changing world of entrepreneurship,” believes the 38-year-old.

How did you get introduced to tennis?

There was a club next to my house and I used to watch people play and that got me interested in the sport.

Playing tennis is like...

Finding the perfect balance between creative, physical and emotional abilities. Your most memorable match is? Playing an exhibition match partnering with John McEnroe in front of a packed stadium.

Tennis taught me...

The ability to keep calm and focus on execution even under high pressure.

Your favourite opponent...

Played against Lleyton Hewitt at a junior international tournament in Japan and was amazed to see the intensity of his game.

Brand you swear by...

For my racket it has to be a Head

Your fitness regime...

Try to play some sport in the morning before getting into work at least four times a week.

Your favourite music...

Enjoy the 80’s music. U2, Dave Matthews etc. are bands I enjoy listening to.

One activity that calms you down...

Playing with my one-and-a-half-year-old son

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