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Brain Break: Watch This 12-Year-Old Boy Solve 3 Rubik's Cubes While Juggling Them

What skills have you mastered lately? What world records have you broken?


Can you juggle? Can you solve a Rubik’s cube? Can you solve three Rubik’s cubes at once -- while juggling?

VCG | Getty Images

A 12-year-old Chinese boy named Que Jianyu is one of an elite few individuals who occupy the center of that Venn diagram, after he successfully performed the stunt on a reality show called Dream of China late last year.

Chinese news site Shanghaiist posted a video of Que’s five-minute, six-second demonstration on its Facebook page on April 10. 

On the show, a couple of Guinness World Records judges were present to acknowledge Que’s obscure feat: He broke the record for fastest time recorded juggling and solving three Rubik’s cubes.

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Mind you, this was not Que’s first world record. Five years ago, at age 7, he became the youngest person to solve a 3-by-3 Rubik’s cube while blindfolded. It took him four minutes and 49 seconds

You can look at it in a couple of different ways. For one, this kid’s multitasking skills put yours to shame. Isn’t multitasking supposed to be a myth, anyway? Not to mention, the kid is 12. What have you mastered, with years if not decades more time on earth to hone your craft?

Or, you might think, this kid is impressive, but his skills are impractical. Maybe so, but he’s got the makings of a great personal brand going for him. He’s also been on an Australian reality show solving three Rubik’s cubes at a time with his feet, CNET reports. He’s literally going places.

Watch the video below to see this dexterous 12-year-old at work.

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