5 Simple Ideas to Turn into Part-Time Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship can be started and furthered right from the comfort of home. Check out ideas to turn entrepreneurs.

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With entrepreneurship today drawing in even working professionals from across sectors, a seemingly new trend is now looming on the horizon. This trend, termed by many as part-time entrepreneurship, is also drawing in people similar to that of full-time entrepreneurship.


Now, with part-time entrepreneurship being the criteria, there are various domains to choose from as far as people personally turning into part-time entrepreneurs are concerned. Here, Entrepreneur India lists the top five popular business (part-time entrepreneurship) ideas which could be employed for both making extra income as well as furthering personal interests (also solving societal issues on the way). Check out this list below:

  • Turn freelance writer: Undoubtedly, writing and blogging is a creative form of entrepreneurship to enrich both society and self. In the freelance mode, entrepreneurs can work right from the comfort of their home and earn additional income. Through freelance writing, a lot of domains could be explored and this should also double up as the right mode of communication with the world.


  • Turn Motivational Speaker: Like freelance writing, motivational speaking also lets you connect with people but at a different level. Motivating people is also a form of entrepreneurship which could even make a societal impact. As today’s entrepreneurship is heavily focussed on ventures to solve societal problems, motivational speaking certainly qualifies as a part-time entrepreneurial venture (also as a full-time venture). You could also choose to charge fees for a motivational session (pun intended).


  • Rent out vehicles: With ride-sharing and vehicle-renting being the in-thing today, you could choose to rent out your vehicle. Pay packages for such ventures generally tend to lie on the higher side. Renting out vehicles lets other people bridge their connectivity gaps, thereby potentially according brownie points to yeoman service as well.


  • Turn into consultants: You could use your expertise to start a venture on your own and offer consulting services on a range of topics. Here, you could also conduct specialized sessions for large corporate and thereby establish yourself.


  • Babysit: If you have lots of time to spare at home, it should do no harm to babysit others’ babies. This, apart from bringing in financial gains, helps people deal with taking care fo children thereby mitigating an issue at the initial level. Babysitting should ensure happiness for both the baby as well as your bank balance.