Workspace Environment Matters, Says Ergonomics

From adjustable workstation to trendy stuff we tell you how to prepare your office
Workspace Environment Matters, Says Ergonomics
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With a need to provide a conducive environment for employees, workplace trends are constantly evolving. Ergonomics is one such trend that is incorporated within an office, it allows people to walk and/or conduct other activities in a comfortable manner by reducing the risk of any form of harm or injury. Moreover, such workplaces are known to ensure higher levels of efficiency that will not only reduce stress but also retain the energy levels.

Why Ergonomics?

Ergonomics simply means the science of designing furniture in a way which will be fit for human use. A workplace can be designed to accommodate good posture so that an employee can work comfortably, thus increasing their productivity levels. Secondly, an ergonomic competent workspace not only reflects the company’s commitment towards employees but also a step towards positive workforce engagement.

Basics of Ergonomics

Implementing basic ergonomic principles for better work performance would include a few notable but effective points.

It can start with maintaining a neutral posture at work. This would refer to a position in which the body is aligned and balanced. The idea is to minimize the musculoskeletal stress and the disorders which come along with it, like, lower back injuries and mental ordeals. One of the common comfortable position to work is referred to as the ‘shake-hand position’ which helps sustain a neutral posture.

Long working hours glued to the screen in on position can cause fatigue, also known as a static load. In addition to this, continuous contact between a hard/sharp object/surface with a sensitive body part like palm, thigh etc. affects the muscles as well as blood circulation – therefore steps must be taken to control or to reduce it. Stretching on regular intervals can help ease the tension, improve muscle coordination and restore energy. Overall muscle exertion can also significantly be reduced by employing the use of mechanical aides, balanced systems and flexible workspace. Simple methods for providing adequate lighting such as an option for brightness adjustment, not placing a monitor before a window or bright background help in providing an ergonomic workstation.

Must Haves:


A basic need would be having an adjustable workstation and chair, with armrests and lumbar support. Resting platforms for arms, legs can be in a neutral position. Also, an addition of sit-stand desk can be a good investment for those who prefer to work in either position.


Technology has a hidden value of comfort, especially in a modern office. This can be right from the placement of the desktop system to maintain an arm’s distance from the seating position to the screen, easy access to the telephone which allows one to multi-task (like write or type) whilst on a call. Moreover with advanced technology, comes adjustable seating & workstations, monitor screens and even mouse with thumb pads that can ensure more comfort while working. These aspects can help in reducing unnecessary strain on the body. Which in turn can help employees be active for longer intervals, thus increasing the overall performance.

Aesthetic Appeal

Aesthetically pleasing workplace includes everything, right from an ideal layout to the relevant artwork within the premises. In an ergonomically enhanced space, the appeal has to be amalgamated with comfort to create a transcendental experience. This includes experimenting with colours, appropriate lighting that goes easy on the eyes, open office layout and a way to promote right postures through the right furniture.

The creation of an ergonomically sound office would be a measure through which, an organisation can take care of their employees’ productivity levels, and take a step towards creating a space for comfort and complacency.

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