How Fatherpreneurs Can Maintain a Happy and Successful Life

On both the fronts, business and parenthood, one has to be extra attentive as there are a lot of things which are going ground

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A Fatherpreneur is a man who is a dad and an entrepreneur and performs both the role with ease. Even if he is breaking underneath on the surface he must be cool, calm and collected. 


First of all you need to make sure that the servers never go down and if they do then what kind of back up you have, your employees don’t take too many leaves and are super efficient in their department, the vision you had for the company are you on track or do you think that you will have to come up with a better idea, what is the pulse of the market? Which product are people looking to buy? Where should I spend my advertisement budget? and a lot of other things to deliberate on. At the same time part of your heart and mind is thinking about your child. What is my baby eating today?  Will there be a bath before lunch or after lunch? Is the cereal still there or do I need t get another pack? What’s the schedule for today playing outdoors or playing indoors?

Be Extra Attentive

On both the fronts, business and parenthood, one has to be extra attentive as there are a lot of things which are going ground. Kids obsess over a thing and keep screaming till they get their hands on it and if that is not the response then they start sulking which kids really should not do. This leaves parents no choice but to give in to their demands and let them grab the object of their temporary fancy. Same is with business if you do not take feedbacks from customer you won’t be able to improve on the product and if you communicate with your employees for a long period of time they tend to wander into their own thoughts after they have accomplished a task.

For some the wandering into their thoughts limit is 1 task for others its 2 with the bar set at 5-6. In order to reign in their discipline and determination they need commands just like a kid needs commands when the meal is not finished. These commands are to be seen as positive encouragement a little strict though but positive nonetheless as obeying their respective commands will be beneficial to both.

Patience is Key

Happiness and being successful go hand in hand but it is very important to develop great mental attitude when you are setting expectations with yourself and with others because if you set very high expectations then you are sure to be disappointed. Patience and Accepting failure quickly so that you can devise another plan or take a different course of action is all what Fatherpreneurs need to do. The same level of patience will make you more tolerant towards your child’s mistakes and show them the right way of doing things so that they don’t repeat what they have. Business can be brutal as your allies can turn into foes at any point so it is important to have faith in one person rather than more just like trust is shared between two in parenting. Equal time to work and family has to be managed and what every Fatherpreneur tries to achieve but sometimes work gets the better of Fatherpreneurs and at other times it’s family whenever one of it is compromising because of the other one, Fatherpreneurs have to make sure they make up for that by devoting less time to the thing which they did more of the previous day. This never creates rift between work and family and keeps you positively engaged with both and on top of your game as you enjoy the best of both worlds.