Dubai Startup Hub To Host Board of Directors Simulation Training For Entrepreneurs

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Ever wanted to know what a board of directors could do for your business? Well, here’s your chance to find out- by actually experiencing it. Dubai Startup Hub is organizing a workshop and simulation on board meetings on September 20, 2018 at the headquarters of Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry to provide entrepreneurs a practical introduction to corporate governance practices.
The Dubai Chamber building in Dubai.

To be held as a combination of lectures, group activities, and Q&A sessions, the initiative, which will be facilitated by C3Partners (C3P), aims to train selected startups on the basics of boardroom norms, and the ways to put together an effective board. Additionally, the board meeting simulation session will help entrepreneurs interact with senior business executives, who can help them address business challenges in a test environment.

While any entrepreneur with an up and running viable business is invited to apply, the program will shortlist 14 startups based on an application detailing their business idea, which will be screened by Dubai Startup Hub and C3P. The selected startups will then work with C3P, Dubai Startup Hub experts and senior business professionals part of the Dubai Chamber network on topics including business model basics, UAE’s legal requirements for businesses, and the concepts of advisory boards and mandated boards. Further, the Board meeting simulation will take place in small group settings with entrepreneurs and seasoned professionals playing the roles of board members, chairman, etc. 

If the workshop’s offering sounds interesting to you, all you need to do as an entrepreneur is to submit a short pitch detailing your business and team, the progress of your solution to date, and the upcoming challenges you anticipate to face. Once selected, a pre-event preparation pack will be provided for the 14 entrepreneurs that include information on running a board meeting, role of boards and advisors, templates for business models, and suggestions for the board pack.

Applications are now open, and you can submit your entries before August 16, 2018:

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