Shepreneurs, Here Are 3 Franchise Business Opportunities You Shouldn't Miss

Coordinating with Involvement

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Women are believed to be involved in more skilled activity, coordinating with people at the same time. They are expected to understand the priority better than men, which eventually helps in running a franchise business. According to a study, women are believed to work more towards a common goal, enjoying network with other communication attributes between a franchisor and franchisee.

“Women are often seen leaving the workplace to take care of children and returning back with no job opportunity available. Therefore, franchising is a great platform for women, where they are in the business for themselves, being their own boss,” shares Miriam Brewer, Senior Director, International Franchise Association.

Here are 3 franchisee businesses that a women entrepreneur could consider:

Beauty Sector

The beauty industry has emerged as a sunshine sector for franchisee business model in India. Women have a great scope, as the industry is believed to expand to $2.68 billion in the next 6 years. The industry provides various sections to shepreneurs, depending upon their choices and investment criteria.  

Pre-School Sector

As women are more naturally inclined towards teaching, the pre-school market is witnessing a rapid growth. Unlike other sectors, this sector has no limited growth in smaller cities, which comes without limitations. Franchisors provide staff recruitment and training which makes things easier for women. Seeking low investment, this sector is attracting a lot of people including women, to enter into the world of franchising.

Fashion Sector

Fashion and jewellery is something which is associated with women over a period of time. With time, the purchasing pattern and customer’s behavior has changed, which brought many new innovations in the industry. Today’s young women believe in flaunting their attires rather than stacking them.

This article was originally published on Franchise India by Shahram Warsi.