3 Ways to Leverage Your Entrepreneurial Skills

Unconventional opportunities to start off with as far as entrepreneurship is concerned
3 Ways to Leverage Your Entrepreneurial Skills
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If you are a professional desirous of turning entrepreneur for the first time now; and are specifically looking at smart ideas to hone your skills; you have varied options but there are some which are now being considered as offbeat yet creative for enabling first-time entrepreneurs to let their juices flow.

In this regard, Entrepreneur India attempts at looking at three offbeat trends which could be potentially considered for hobbyist entrepreneurship at the minimum. Check these out below:

Vlogging: Now, YouTube has opened up a world of opportunities for entrepreneurs to let their creative juices flow; in the form of shooting videos, editing these, and using the whole YouTube platform as a platform to spread the right causes.

In fact, notable Vloggers today even believe that actual monetization advantages could also be derived from the platform.

“Many brands are into "Influencer marketing" these days, which enables Vloggers to make Vlogging and content creation a legitimate career choice by looking at it as a business opportunity instead of a hobby only,” states Vlogger Niharika NM who has nearly 153 thousand subscribers to her channel on YouTube.

Niharika believes that with the right amount of video editing skills acquired, people desirous of turning entrepreneurs could fully leverage YouTube to showcase to the world the causes which they care about; and thereby leave an impression.

“You could be the person whose piece of content could make help push someone else's creative boundaries,” adds Niharika

Being an officepreneur: Now, if you are in a scenario wherein you have a family business or simply have to head teams at the office for the first time; you could turn into an officepreneur to ensure that your team gets to make the best out of the healthy work environment (at office) which you create.

“Now we have millennials who live first and if possible work,” stated BK Kulkarni – Life and Business coach, during a recent panel discussion on Happy Workplaces in Bengaluru.

Hence, if you plan on recruiting millennials, it becomes imperative to ensure that the right kind of internal work environment is offered to them; by actively ding the designing part yourself. Ensure that you design the office environment in such a way that your team members become entrepreneurs themselves while they go about completing work tasks; and thereby riving revenue to your company.

Playing Poker: You heard it right!; though not as full-time careers; poker indeed makes you an entrepreneur. This is seemingly a hobby with respect to honing your leadership skills, endurance, and dealing with pressure.

“As a poker player, you build it all on your own. It teaches you the nuances of getting about in the business like any entrepreneur would,” says Amit Kanodia who is Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer at mad Over Poker.

Poker could potentially be a stepping stone for your larger entrepreneurial traits and ventures; you could leverage the platform to learn various entrepreneurial nuances viz stress management, perseverance, and psychological aspects;

“Your skills in playing poker can be extended to dealing carefully with the nuances of the business that you are building,” informs Kanodia.

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