Hire With Care! Your Employees Might Just be Feeding You False Information About Themselves (Infographic)

As per the First Advantage discrepancy report, 9.3 per cent employers end up hiring employees with a fraudulent background

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A company can’t operate without talent, which holds the supreme role in making or breaking an organization. Every passing day, the recruitment procedure is changing. Value of skill is taking privilege over other factors in the current work scenario. Recruiters’ mindsets have changed tremendously over the years. Today, they just want the best but forget that hiring is a risky game.


In the race to tap the best talent, recruiters often overlook the crucial aspects of their background, risking a well-established organization and people associated with fraud. The urge to join organization expecting a certain kind of candidate prompts the job seekers to add false information to their details and sometimes, it’s just the desire to leave a better impact which conquers the right.

Discrepancy Components

Talking about discrepancies, the highest number of cases has occurred in the employment component, followed by address and education component. Notably, not many women are involved in providing false information to companies hiring in comparison to men. As per the First Advantage report, 76 per cent of the discrepant cases is of males whereas the remaining 24 per cent belongs to females.

Younger generation seeks to climb up the corporate ladder in little time. This urge leads them to take the unacceptable routes, which is why most discrepancies have been observed in the Associate level employees lying between the age brackets of 22 to 30 years, amounting to 44.5 per cent of all cases recorded. Notably, 64 out of 100 education discrepancies were identified from the Graduate level.

Discrepancy by Sector & City

Banking, Financial and Insurance sectors have recorded the highest amount of discrepancies with 46 per cent of the 100 recorded cases using a false background, followed by Information Technology with 23 per cent. In comparison to the first quarter of 2018, the numbers recorded for the second quarter have shown improvement but with only 1 per cent.

Among the metropolitan cities, the maximum employment discrepancies have been recorded in Bengaluru followed by Mumbai and Hyderabad whereas Pune has topped the list for highest amount of address discrepancies. In majority of cases, employees have showcased incorrect tenure, inflated designation, false employment and fake document among other discrepancy components.

In educational frauds, no other city could beat Mumbai and New Delhi. Discrepant cases have been recorded for using non-existent institutions’ name with fake documentation of degrees and certificates. The year has witnessed a little reduction in education-related discrepancies but a tremendous difference is still awaited.

These discrepancies can be avoided by conducting proper screening procedure by the recruiters before hiring an employee to confirm the accuracy of his/her claims. While one call to their previous company’s HR could clear doubts about his job tenure, designation, salary, a reason for leaving, exit formalities, etc, another to their former supervisor could confirm the candidate’s skills, strengths and weaknesses.

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