Six Tips for Budding Interior Designers

The design is all about people and the new trends help them to set their mind for the desired layout

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The field of interior design is imaginative and exciting. No two projects are the same and you always have to be on your toes. To succeed in this dynamic, ever-changing field, there are some time-tested tips you can keep in mind.


Understand the “why”

A design can change lives. It is a very powerful instrument. It affects the way we live, the way we work, it impacts our behaviour, it makes us happy, it makes us sad. A well-designed home can even help bring families together. For instance, a beautifully designed kitchen can allow the mother to cook food while the kids are running around. Design adds value to our lives. Understanding the “why” of things – why interior design? – helps put a purpose to what you are doing. Find out what excites you and bring that excitement into your work.

Minimalist designs for maximum reward

There is an obvious connection between money and luxury. But you don’t need to go all-out to achieve a luxurious feel. Sometimes, minimalism works best. Not every living room will need a fancy chandelier to accentuate its appeal, some will only need a dash of paint. Clients will also keep coming back to you if you can give them high-quality work at a reasonable rate.

Understand your clients

The design doesn’t exist in isolation. The design is all about people. Different people interact with design in different ways. Some want their home to reflect their own personality, some might want to keep the design according to a particular theme. Whatever the case may be, there is no one size fits all when it comes to interior design. Being able to adapt to the needs of the clients not only keeps them happy but allows you to grow as an interior designer as well.


It’s not just about being passionate about the work you are doing, but being known as well. As interior designers, we aspire to know what a room needs as soon as we walk into it! But that takes hard work. You need to know your arithmetic, your scale drawings, your architecture. For that, some practical experience is critical before you take interior designing up as a profession. A few years, even months, spent doing an internship for a reputed designer can give you that edge allowing you to succeed in your career. With that, you will also be able to walk into a room and sense that all it needs is a bright red cushion on the sofa and a shining chandelier up top. It’s a beautiful feeling!

Express yourself

As an interior designer, you are an artist. Whatever you do is an artistic expression of yourself and, of course, your client. Successful interior designers thrive on creativity, innovation, and identity. Every piece of work that you do is personal and every little detail matters. The end result may or may not be perfect – art never is – but as long as it expresses your personality, it is certain to be a success.

Read as much as you can

Interior design is one of the most dynamic fields out there. Consumer preferences, style trends all change rapidly. The only way to keep pace with it is to read. As the field has gained popularity, a lot of design magazines with high-quality content have surfaced. They provide insights that will help you gain a competitive edge, they will help you come across as someone knowledgeable, someone clients can rely upon. Always endeavour to improve your designing skills by learning as much as you can.