#5 Powerful Insights for Midlife Entrepreneurs

Ask yourself tough questions, express gratitude and finally feel happy that you have come this far and there is so much that can potentially happen

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A mid-life person, who in and around his 40s, starts having a feeling of pain and distress for he has nothing to show as an achievement, while half of his life has already gone. It is similar to an entrepreneur, who in his mid-life, faces an uphill task of making his dream come true against all odds. Age is not in his favour right now. Health is not improving but has to burn the midnight oil to make things happen for his entrepreneurial pursuit.


The pain is not so much about how less he is contributing but more so about what people will say if he fails in his pursuit. After all, he has been a white collared employee with a tag of "General Manager" in his past. As if, the entrepreneurial knowledge is bestowed upon him with the role. He is a little better than the college-going grad turned entrepreneur, for the fact that people believe his product a bit more than others. But the biggest fear is "fear of failure" and "fear of rejection".

Listing down 5 powerful insights which could really change the game for a mid-life entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs who successfully apply these skills to their daily life are more likely to be successful than their counterparts. So let’s look at each of them

Just don't have a vision. But go further, have a Smart Vision Board (SVB). An SVB is like putting all your experiences, your goals and your future together in one big picture. Just having a vision or a beautifully crafted vision statement is of no use. It needs to be backed by a compelling vision board, good enough to attract the right set of customers, clients, employees and opportunities to you. Share your vision board with the world. Make them a part of your mission. Don't mind even if they make fun of it, remember, you have to be 100per cent committed to your vision and leave no stone unturned for attaining the same.

Drop Your Beliefs: Be careful to not keep it aside. My point is to drop every belief. Yes, drop it completely. No more believing that business life needs to be in a certain way. Successful entrepreneurs drop the very beliefs that are stopping them from moving ahead. It may sound difficult to start with. But then just go ahead and do it.

Don't drop all your beliefs, but only those which are not helping you move ahead. Just drop them and all the related experiences which strengthened this belief for you. They may have served you in the past, but not any longer.

Change Your Writing: It is said that handwriting is brain writing. So whatever you feel within becomes a dominating thought. This thought becomes thought verbalised and you start saying it often. These words then transform into action. Actions turn into habits and habits become characters. Hence characteristics of a person can be easily determined by the characters he writes. So as Graphologist, we are trained to look at the handwriting of a person and determine the personality. It works in a reverse way as well. If you change the way you write characters, you can, in turn, change the thought process and feelings of a person. So if you are feeling low, a visit to a local Graphologist could come in handy.

Make Friends With SPIME: SPIME is an acronym for the Spiritual, Physical, Intellectual, Mental and Emotional side of you. Spend at least an hour each with each aspect of yours. So meditate, chant or breathe for an hour (spiritual), go out and do your exercises (physical), read a good informative book (intellectual), have the right mental attitude and thoughts throughout the day (mental) and be emotionally fit by being happy and cheerful (emotional).

Once you relate with your spine, your days would end up being more joyful and you would start worrying less about your worries.

Ignite The Passion: Take a full-length mirror and fix it in your bathroom. Just watch yourself. Be a little obsessed, little more loving. Pat on your back. Sing yourself a song. Maybe dance a little. Show yourself the moves. Soothe yourself. Speak to your inner child. Be brave and shed some tears over spilt milk and again pick yourself up. Ask yourself tough questions, express gratitude and finally feel happy that you have come this far and there is so much that can potentially happen.

Successful people have certain aura and confidence about themselves. Because, they have known to live life in adversities, taking up if not all, at least a few things from the list above. Be blessed and you too could be one of them.