Self-Care, An Important Phenomenon For Hardest Working Indians

Working with liberation for the body and mind, for the daily perseverance
Self-Care, An Important Phenomenon For Hardest Working Indians
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Indians are considered to be the hardest working individuals across the globe. Studies have found that they constitute 69 per cent of full-time employees who are also happy to commit to a 5-day work week, even when a shorter work week is given to them as an option, with the same pay scale.

While the dedication is commendable, it is only acceptable when there are no adverse impacts of the same on your health, especially in the long run. Unfortunately, while most Indians are familiar with the concept of ‘self-care’, very few truly regard it as an important determinant of their wellbeing. As the popular saying goes, “health is wealth”, and Indians out of all people are in dire need of complying with the same.

The prime benefits of self-care include:

  • It aids in maintaining healthy relationships with your near and dear ones

  • It makes you pause and listen to your body, something that is much needed every once in a while

  • It enables you to burn out well-be nativity, and feel recharged

  • It facilitates a better connect with your feelings and emotions

  • It enhances your focus and concentration levels

Self-care is essential and must be given utmost priority to maintain your physical and mental wellbeing, especially when you are overworked and stressed due to daily pressures. The following seamless self-care suggestions can be followed by the Indian working class in order to reward themselves with some liberation for the body and mind, for the daily perseverance:

Get Enough Sleep – Research has found that maximum heart diseases have been suffered by working Indians due to the lack of sleep. Therefore, it is imperative for you to get adequate rest (8 hours every night) to be able to function properly and to maintain your sanity as well as good heart health.

Movement of the Body- This is crucial, especially for those whose job involves sitting in front of the screen. Avoid being chained to the desk throughout, and engage in some stretching and walking around to release the stress of deadlines and other work pressures. Mild exercises before leaving for work or after coming back home will also ensure that you manage to remain fit.

Meditate- It is considered to be one of the most effective methods of self-care to increase your productivity. Focus on your breath and inhale and exhale deeply. It is a sure-shot way to balance your energies and get more work done to reducing stress, along with enabling you to make better decisions.

Stay Hydrated and Eat Well- It has been observed that most working Indians tend to have a low water intake, and this is particularly witnessed in those whose role does not involve extensive travel or physical labour. However, that does not exempt them from consuming the required three litres of water, daily.

Moreover, working professionals need to have a good appetite, but most importantly, a balanced diet. A majority of them ends up gorging on junk food and skips important meals. However, this is naturally expected to have a negative impact, not only on your weight but also with respect to the prevention of long-term physical ailments.

Stay Positive- It is recommended that you steer away from all kinds of negativity, as far as possible, whether it is people at work or situations. Associate yourself with a more positive and calming environment and engage in stress-releasing activities, individually or in groups to boost your self-confidence.

Another thing that will help is having a positive approach towards success as well as failure. For starters, prepare a list of goals you want to achieve and keep them close to you, preferably at your desk. When you successfully achieve each, celebrate it. And if you fail at any, do not get bogged down. Instead, learn from them and use the experience to move closer towards achieving that goal.

Travel- The best thing about travelling as a ‘self-care’ technique is that it acts as a self-correcting mechanism for embracing change, and this is especially important with regard to changing work scenarios. It reduces your stress to a large extent and keeps the body active at the same time along with helping you re-learn how you really feel.

It also makes you more open and to an extent, enthusiastic about new life experiences, breaks the monotony, and gives your body and mind, the opportunity to feel blissful.


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