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These are the five things that FarEye founder Kushal Nahata deems essential while travelling

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Choosing the right backpack is more convoluted than you may think. Just like your phone and headsets, this has become an indispensable accessory. Be it business or leisure, a backpack is your partner in crime that you can’t forget. Especially, things become tricky when we are planning to invest in a luxury backpack. During those times it is always better to take the advice of those who have already made that investment. Wonder why we call it an investment? Well, it might not have any monetary returns, but it does add mileage to your persona.

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Do we say more? While choosing a backpack is a personal task, we have recommendation from Kushal Nahata, CEO & co-founder, FarEye, a SaaS platforms technology solution to run e-commerce and supply chain logistics operations.Nahata who is always traveling swears by highend luxury brand Bottega Veneta when it comes to backpacks.

Why backpack over other bags?

“Being a frequent flyer, traveling and backpack go hand in hand for me and entrepreneurs totally understand the importance of this baggage. They are easy to carry, the straps are comfy and distribute the weight very well. They offer more storage and better ways to organize all the things you might need on an airplane or at a client’s site,” says Nahata.

What you swear by?

According to Nahata, if you are looking for something that yells “business-like” design, then without a doubt, your pick is black intrecciato leather backpack by Bottega Veneta, which is the perfect combination of style and sass. “As for this particular bag, it has a decentlysized main compartment, as well as a front pocket that you can use to organize some of your smaller belongings like travel documents, pens, cards, etc. It has followed me to places, jammed fullof all the tech I need to do my job,” he says.

Five Things That Kushal Can't Travel Without

WIRELESS CHARGER: A wireless charger to get throughout your day without having to deliberately park my phone down.

IPHONE: My perfect travel companion.

NOISE CANCELLING HEADPHONES: Helps me tune-out any unwanted noise while trying to do my work on the go.

A BOOK: Education is a life-long process. Reading a book keeps your eyes open to valuable knowledge. Books have been a great source of wisdom in my entrepreneurial journey. And one such book to be found in my Backpack at all times is ‘Crossing the Chasm’ by Geoffrey Moore.

RAYBAN AVIATORS: Beside being a style statement, aviators provide welcome relief in many ways. I see them as investment pieces. I have always been more passive about eyewear than, say, shoes or other things.

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