Rethinking The Workplace

We spend most of our time at work, so why not infuse it with some vibrant spirit?

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Just like your home, your office space needs to be all about comfort. For we spend most of our time at work, so why not infuse it with some vibrant spirit? Cool office spaces can have a great impact on a worker’s happiness and multiply the potential of how they function. Your 6*6 cubicle is a creative hub, which requires the free flow of energy and optimistic aura. And who wouldn’t want that?

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Robert Godinho -- founder of White Balance, an International film production collective based in India -- did something similar with his workplace. Godinho has an innovative cabin. Plus, he is making sure his team savours the cool vicinity that he has got designed.

Source: Entrepreneur India

No Door Policy:

To make himself more reachable to his employees, office premises Godinho decided to let go -- with minimalist design, innovative desks and cubicles, ofthe door. “My cabin is without a door even though it’s a private space. It’s open all they have taken the time for anyone to come the workplace and have a conversation with interiors to a whole new level. (Right) Robert Godinho, me. The cabin was designed to be minimalistic yet warm. Minimalism helps in keeping founder of White the mind clutter free,” he says. 

First Thing I do:

Godinho’s day begins as soon as he enters the cabin: a cup of tea is followed by collecting his thoughts and calling for team meeting.

Source: Entrepreneur India

My Cabin, My Vision:

“The cabin has a huge window running through it that gives immense light and positive energy, this is probably one of my most cherished spaces in office,” he says.

My Go To Corner:

For Godinho, his desk is one place that he truly loves. “It is a beautiful customized pine wood desk where I can entertain close friends and also have official business conversations with clients,” Godinho says.

Source: Entrepreneur India

Things on my Desk:

“In my desk drawer, you will find a Rubix cube (constant reminder to complete it), my boarding school reunion souvenir, dark chocolates, cologne and hand sanitizer.”

My Five Essentials:

“Music speakers, my organizer, charging cable, headphones, and green tea.”

The Most Precious Possession:

“My boarding school reunion plaque, it’s a constant reminder of when the White Balance dream started.”

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