Education 2.0: The Modern Day Mentor

Mentoring is what we all require at one point or the other and it is something which can be a boon for a child's character

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It is said that the personality of an individual is the sum total of the two aspects, the inner and outer sphere. Inner sphere comprises stress management, time management, anger management etc. And the outer sphere comprises speaking skills, reasoning ability, interpersonal skills etc. If a person wins over these two spheres of life, his personality is transformed. So, what does true education mean?


Gift of Personal Effectiveness

The aim of education should be to give everyone the gift of personal effectiveness. Each individual has to be trained to be personally effective.  Many life skills and personality coaches ask students to be aware of their strengths and weaknesses. Plus, to work on improving habits like procrastination and inefficiency. In any educational programme, all this should be taught through seminars, case studies and real-life examples.

Brainstorming Ideas

The most common problem with mentors is how much engrossing and enchanting their sessions might be, they tend to not give due respect to the ideas of the recipients or the students. Brainstorming with everyone should be an important aspect of education. Even for startups, this is an important lesson that they must learn to give value to ideas of each and every individual. This has to be done cutting across hierarchical lines.

Experiential learning

The students should feel free to experiment in the classroom. It is the mentor’s duty to create a comfortable atmosphere for the children to learn and grow holistically. Mentors, instead of just teaching the students, can create an atmosphere in which students learn on their own. Concepts can be made interesting with the help of activities and games. We should inculcate practical and experiential learning to make students motivated toward the subjects.    

Education Should Inculcate Life Skills in People

Several life skills topics like Stress and Time Management should be incorporated into the curriculum. This will lead to wonderful results as most of the students face the problem of poor management of time and some suffer from exam phobia. We cannot solely depend on classroom learning that focuses only on the core subjects. In the present scenario, one needs to be trained on both the spheres of the personality. In schools, we need to provide the education of handling the outcomes as well. If a child is an introvert, putting him on stage for a speech competition will further decrease his confidence. He should be given classes on Confidence building and fighting hesitation and then sent on stage.

Education should never be a sequence of learning events and facts. With zeal and gaiety, one should learn new concepts every day. The golden rule of education is that you must know that you do not know. The seeker has to seek what he wishes to learn. Moreover, for educating the masses, we must also devise a strategy to know about their latent strengths and talents. One key fit all is not what education is all about. Each person has to be seen as a different individual and also an opportunity. An opportunity that can be the light of the world.