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The World Lies in the Hands of Technology: That's What Techie Closet is all about

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How many of us dream about that perfect walk-in? A gigantic rack for shoes, bags and belts, an in built fancy dressing table maybe? Well, the future of fashion lies in the hand of technology! We have graduated from hand-stitched garments to prêt-à-porter! Fashion is just one tap away and the future is going to get only more tech savvy!


The robo stylist is going to be your ultimate guide to fashion. That gadget will exactly know your taste and pick garments for you with regards to your personality, tastes, occasions, mood and body type. Imagine having an outfit ready for you with your coffee? As imagined this robo stylist has its facts right and you just need to update your destination and your outfit will be displayed. It has a planner installed so you wouldn’t have to really update it every day. This stylist is going to 3D print your clothes, research trends for you and create looks for you! It also gives you options to choose from, and compliments you with shoes, bags, belts, and accessories! 

The World Lies in the Hands of Technology 

The online portal is smarter than the human brain; ironically made by a human brain itself! It predicts your future action even before you do it, it manipulates your thoughts and sometimes forces you to think the way it thinks. This manipulative, distinct creature is going to determine your future and most importantly how you look in it. With the 3D garment printing machine, we are one step closer to the world of glass where everything is just one touch away. 

Jumping a few more years further to this, their will be a technology that will be inserted in the clothes will secrete perfume at regular intervals, thus saving your time & effort. It will also have the capacity to suppress the pain areas and eliminate them! This garment will also provide heat, cooling, and moisturization when necessary. It’s an all in one outfit.  

The Data Chip

The data chip will predict your body temperature and zips up your jacket itself if your body is cold and unzips it when warm. The chip also predicts your feelings and probably changes your cloth's color as per your mood. Also, multiple layers and detachable parts of your garment can make your silhouette look totally different, so you could probably have two different looks wearing the same garment. The looks could be changed by removing or adding elements to the same garment also changing the colour very conveniently.

You could wear the same thing in the evening and nobody will be able to tell. The jacket with the inbuilt charger has already been introduced and maybe in the future, there will be clothing with an inbuilt storage for items like food and will save important information like your USB storage device. The garment will be synced to your main storage device hence making your data always available to you. 

The future of fashion lies in the hand of science and will continue to only get fancier. So brace yourself because artificial intelligence is taking over the runways!

Harsh Shah

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Harsh Shah is one of the three co-founders of Fynd, the unique fashion e-commerce portal which brings the latest in-store fashion online. He has a keen interest in consumer-facing technology in the retail sector, and specialises in management consulting. At Fynd, he brings his valuable experience in technology and entrepreneurship to the table, and oversees the supply side of operations, including managing partnering brands and stores.

Harsh completed his graduation from the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, in 2010 and was already part of the entrepreneurship landscape by his second year of college. As the Head of the Entrepreneurship Cell at IIT Bombay, he directed a team of twenty students.

Currently based out of Mumbai, Fynd is successfully disrupting the fashion market by combining technology and retail.