8 Tips for Mompreneurs on Balancing Business and Family

It is estimated that mompreneurs tend to be three times happier as compared to other women

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What does an entrepreneur and a mother have in common? They are both visionaries in their own right. An entrepreneur envisions their company prospering to great heights. A mother on the other hand pictures a bright and beautiful future for her child. Both these people can be one person – owner of a business and a parent- at the same time, in which case you are a "mompreneur'. An amalgamation of mother and an entrepreneur, it can be an overwhelming but highly rewarding title making you one-in-a-million woman!


There are many mompreneurs who are doing exciting things in their field while raising their kids, and they are doing a damn fine job! A strong part of this messaging is that women can be successful entrepreneurs as well as succeed in leading their family, without having to compromise one in favour of another.

Mothers have symbolised paternal care for a long time. Now, they are also getting the chance to highlight the contributions they make as entrepreneurs for the welfare of the nation. Needless to say, it requires high levels of motivation and an excellent drive to succeed both in business and parenthood, and which then determines the success of a mompreneur. However, the essential role of a well-built support system cannot be undermined. Having a partner who can share the load can be immensely helpful. Also, friends and family can also pitch in, to not only guide the mother, but also offer timely assistance to help smooth out the mompreneur journey.

It is estimated that mompreneurs tend to be three times happier as compared to other women. It is because as an entrepreneur and as a mother, a woman becomes so efficient in beating monsters and handling crises, that little problems don't faze her anymore. Here are eight things which mompreneurs can do to balance their business and baby at the same time:

1. Schedule Your Days: It might sound boring, but it is a fool-proof method of giving time to both your priorities, i.e. your baby and business.

2. Set-up Your Workspace: Organise a dedicated workspace for yourself in your office as well as home, and address business-related matters only in these set places. Other times, switch off and give time to your family.

3. Use Tools to Manage Your Time: The key is to manage your time. Having an app which constantly reminds you of your schedule is a great personal assist.

4. Outsourcing Works: It might seem scary to rely on others for tasks but it is essential to delegate so that you can focus on your strengths and priorities.

5. Ask for Help: Nobody will judge you if you ask for help because managing a kid with a business is not an easy task.

6. Say NO: As the boss, everyone will expect you to solve every problem and be available all the time. Learn to say no to things which cross the boundary from your personal time to your professional time and vice-versa.

7. Take a Day Off: Once a week, take a day off from work and even at home, relax by doing the activities that will help to rejuvenate you.

8. Last But Not the Least, Don't Despair: It's an uphill climb, and not an easy one. Things will become tough but know that you have it in you to persevere and succeed. So be kind to yourself and keep going forward.