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8 Surprising Signs You Could Be an Entrepreneur

Are you a rule-breaking idea machine? Then the future could be yours.

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Generally speaking, an is one who sets up a particular or enterprise for long-term profit. Being a successful entrepreneur, however, is something else entirely. It means being a jack of all trades who's unafraid to get their hands dirty and can work efficiently. Most entrepreneurs can spot these qualities in themselves from a young age; it’s in their gut and something that can’t be shaken off so easily. But in case you're unsure whether you share common traits with the likes of and or have what it takes to escape the race by pursing and building your own idea, here are eight telltale signs to watch for.

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1. You have lightbulb moments all the time

If you are constantly toying with new ideas and solutions for problems you see around you, it could be a sign you are, or could be, an entrepreneur. People, problems and markets change. An entrepreneur will adapt their approach and product to best serve their customer base.

2. You’re a rule-breaker

Always had a rebellious streak inside you? Chances are that if you're a breaker of conventions, you’re a potential entrepreneur. It’s often the most unique ideas and new routes to typically mundane endeavors that lead to the most successful new businesses.

3. You like to be on your own

Though entrepreneurs do have to be able to interact and communicate well, sell ideas and motivate those around them, it’s also quite normal for entrepreneurs to spend time alone reflecting. Many entrepreneurs, outside of business, have a small circle of trusted friends, mentors and advisors who help them process ideas and plan next moves.

4. You’re easily distracted

Some of the greatest minds in history had relatively short attention spans. Entrepreneurs can often be spread thin by their constant stream of ideas and potential solutions. But conversely, they are often incredibly focused when it comes to crunch time.

5. You’re a little naive

Did ever consider that perhaps people don’t want to share their daily activities with their peers? After all, pre- generations were relatively private people. As we know, it didn’t matter in the end. Sometimes, not overthinking or second-guessing is a risk worth taking in itself.

6. You know that regimented routine is a myth

Sure, that super-dedicated work schedule does work for some successful entrepreneurs, but just as many entrepreneurs make their own hours while multitasking time outside of the office and with their families.

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7. You’re know when to say when

One ethos I follow closely in life is that it’s important to work to live, not live to work. It’s true that many (or most) entrepreneurs are workaholics, but there’s a trend among the best that sometimes its’s important to take time out. Whether that’s a day of being “unplugged” from tech or a few days at a retreat, any successful businessperson occssionally switches completely off.

8. You don't fear failing

Taking calculated risks supported by and being unafraid afraid of the outcome gives entrepreneurs a certain amount of indescribable pleasure, and demonstrates confidence in both themselves and their organization. And that, more often than not, leads to success.



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