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Become a Technical Founder With This End-to-End Online Developer Training

The first step to becoming a successful entrepreneur? Learning how to build products yourself.

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Are technical and business skills important for starting a company? Of course they are. But in an analysis done for the Harvard Business Review, it found that young companies with "technical founders who quickly hire businesspeople" are most likely to succeed.

Max Duzij

Maybe you find their arguments compelling, or maybe you don't. But it's not hard to argue that technical skills will certainly help your career, whether you're starting a new company or simply a new career. Learning to code can be one of the smartest investments of your life. "Full stack developers" is the term for coders who can create a product from back-end to front-end, making them extremely valuable assets. Want to become one? The 2020 Learn to Code Full Stack Developer Certification Bundle can help.

This nine-course, 50-hour bundle packs an extensive amount of training that will help you build apps, websites, and products from end-to-end. With instruction from top instructors like Rob Percival (Udemy's #1 top-rated instructor) and John Elder (creator of one of the web's first advertising networks), you'll learn to code from the absolute best. Courses include front-end training in designing web elements using HTML and PHP and back-end training navigating servers and handling data using SQL and Python. You'll learn how to build apps using popular, powerful languages like C# and Angular and, before you know it, you'll have the skills needed to create a complete web app.

Whether you plan to code for a living, or want to earn the title of "technical founder", this training has what you need. The 2020 Learn to Code Full Stack Developer Certification Bundle is just $38.99 now.

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