Five Morning Stretches To Kickstart Your Day

Starting your day off with these basic stretches can get your body's circulation going and give you the energy you need to tackle the day ahead.

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According to a recent survey from IDC Research, 79% of people reach for their smartphones within 15 minutes of waking up. By simply replacing the habit of staring at your phone screen while in bed with stretching your body, you can jump-start your morning with a calmer mind and a more energized body. We know that working 16-hour days makes getting up and leaving bed in the morning torture- as such, starting your day off with these basic stretches can get your body’s circulation going and give you the energy you need to tackle the day ahead.

1. SELF HUG While still in bed, lying faceup, pull your knees into your chest. Wrap your forearms around your shins, and pull your legs in close to your body. Hold for two to three deep breaths.

2. KNEES TO CHEST Lying flat on your back, bring one knee to your chest, and hold it in position with your arms or hands for three deep breaths. You should feel a nice stretch in your lower back. If it feels comfortable, you can also do this stretch by bending both knees at the same time.

3. SPINAL TWIST Lying on your back, raise one of your knees, and gently roll it over to the opposite side. Make sure both of your shoulders stay in contact with the bed at all times. If it feels comfortable, stretch one arm out to the side, keeping it in line with your shoulders, and slowly turn your head to face your outstretched arm. You should feel the stretch on the sides of your upper body and your lower back. Breathe deeply and repeat on the opposite side.

4. DEAD BUG While still lying faceup on your bed (or on the floor next to it, if you want more stability under your spine), extend your arms and legs toward the ceiling, circling your wrists and ankles. Continue for at least two to three deep breaths.

5. COBRA STRETCH Now, turn around and lie on your stomach and place your hands flat beneath your shoulders. Tuck your elbows in by your sides and gently raise your head and chest in a half push-up motion, keeping your hips and groin on the bed. If it feels comfortable, you can go a little deeper by lifting your tummy off the bed too. Remember to relax your neck and shoulders to prevent neck tension. Hold the stretch for 15-20 seconds and when you’re ready, gently lower back down.

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