How Rajasthan-based Aadvik Foods is Revolutionizing the Dairy Market

The start-up has a bouquet of camel milk-based products including camel milk powder, chocolates and skincare range

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Camel ride is passé, camel milk is the new craze in town. Founded by Hitesh Rathi in 2016 as a bootstrapped company with a capital of less than Rs 10 lakh, Aadvik Foods now has a bouquet of camel milk-based products including camel milk powder, chocolates and skincare range. With distribution channels in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Bathinda and Chandigarh, Aadvik Foods also exports its camel milk powder to distributors from the US, Malaysia and the Philippines. Sip in to know more about this new kind of dairy!


2015: Going by history, dates and camel milk were often the diet of people living in desert areas like the Middle East and Sub Saharan Africa. Hailing from Rajasthan, Rathi conceived the idea to explore milk with higher nutritive and health values. He soon launched frozen camel milk for the Indian market as well as the webstore and fulfilled first order.

2016: Launched camel milk powder and established itself as the first Indian company to produce camel milk powder. Introduced a fresh catalogue with over dozen of camel milk products and collaborated with leading e-commerce channels to increase awareness about the health benefits of camel milk.

2017: Shipped its first order outside India.

2018: Launched first flavoured camel milk powder on the planet. Also launched A2 Cow Ghee.

2019: Launched goat milk and goat milk powder, cow colostrum and had grown to a team size of 25 compeers.

2020: Since its inception, Aadvik Foods has already sold 200,000 litres of camel milk. It also strengthened its product portfolio with handmade goat milk soaps and sugar-free camel milk chocolates.

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