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Focus on Stability During the Uncertainty That Coronavirus Brings

Once you've stabilized, you can then find opportunities for yourself and others.

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Most of us can agree the coronavirus has created a great time of uncertainty. There's a lot of , and a lot of people are changing the way they work and live. But now is not the time to panic.

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In fact, I’m a firm believer that there are only two business approaches to dealing with coronavirus that will lead to success.

1. Stabilize.

When dealing with pivots or changes on a grand scale, first look toward stabilization, which is an abundant approach during any time of scarcity. Many people will be in need of stabilization, and it is our responsibility to stabilize people's economies, their emotions, their  and their mentality.

We want to help and elevate those that are not stable in these difficult times. Think critically about what we can do to help them. How can you provide value to others? How can you give unconditionally?

If you help those in a time of scarcity, in a time of need like this, you can trust it will never be forgotten. You're creating a void, making room in your life for what you want someday. Please be kind to your future self, especially in this time of need, because there are countless critical business issues that people and companies are facing. Some of these include travel, job security and . Think about how we can stabilize people who are struggling.

One of the best ways is through our content. Our ideas, our thoughts, and our actions can have an impact when shared, and this is especially important when misinformation is rampant. That's why I'll be posting content related to creating an adaptable routine for yourself, giving practical advice to people to help stabilize their lives, their companies, their job security and, of course, their health.

Remember,  vibrates the fastest. There's a lot of fear in the world, especially when people hear the word “pandemic.” Understand that fear is just an acronym for "False Evidence Appearing Real." Help others to come to that realization as well and shift their perspective, helping them stabilize themselves and those around them.

2. Identify opportunity.

With so much change occurring, there'll be countless opportunities for those with the right mindset to take advantage. Accommodate change from a firm foundation based on your personal, experiential, giving and receiving values. 

The key to this opportunity-centric approach is to elevate others' awareness. What opportunities are out there that we can take advantage of? Think about some of the opportunities that have arisen due to the stresses that this virus has created.

First off, more people will be working from home. How can we help those who are in that situation and make the most of this opportunity at the same time?

Large-scale events are being canceled. Once again, look at how we can help others and take advantage of this opportunity.

In-person meetings are getting shifted to phone calls, Zoom calls and FaceTime calls. How can we utilize these mechanisms in order to effectuate helping others and finding opportunities that didn't exist before?

Try to analyze these problems as an entrepreneur, not as an innovator. What opportunities are presented due to these changes? Think about how you can leverage your skills and your knowledge while maintaining the desire that you must be as close to your potential as possible in order to leverage opportunities as they present themselves.

Say that you're a speaker, for example. Do you have a system in place to be able to deliver virtual speeches? Make sure you are prospecting accordingly to what opportunities avail themselves now compared to what was previously available.

Do you have the capability to interact with your audience virtually? If so, how well can you do it? Look at how you can stimulate interest, transition interest, share a vision, manage and develop that vision and allow yourself virtually to thrive the way you do standing on actual stages, instead of virtual ones.

Do you have any content that specifically applies to our current health scare? Do you have situational experience of dummy taxes that you paid during crises in 1997, 2001, 2008 and now today? How can we leverage our experiences to help others stabilize themselves and take advantage of these opportunities? That’s where your focus should be, instead of on any fears or anxieties you might be experiencing.

Don’t feed your fears

When you can apply what you already are doing to these new opportunities, you will be able to thrive in whatever environment lies ahead as long as you maintain an abundant mindset. The legs feed the lion so we can feed others, so stabilize your environment and others' environments to take advantage of opportunities and make money, help people and have fun going forward.

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