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Free Webinar: Action Steps to Recovery: Incorporating Responsibility As You Reopen Safely

Join our expert Brad Flowers as he discusses three reasons to consider your business's impact when developing a recovery strategy.

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Corporate Responsibility has mostly been an afterthought. It has been a donation to a non-profit of choice from what profits were left. That is changing, responsibility is becoming more baked into the operations of organizations. It is being redefined as Impact which is action oriented and positive rather than Responsibility which sounds more obligatory. Impact companies fit into two general categories.

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In this free on-demand webinar, our key speaker, Brad Flowers discusses the three reasons to consider your Impact when developing a recovery strategy. Plus, Brad will provide:

  • A framework for integrating responsibility into your business
  • How to put your company in a global context
  • Additional resources to help you integrate corporate responsibility

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Brad Flowers co-founded Bullhorn, an agency that builds confident brands with language and design. Brad leads naming and language generation at Bullhorn.

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