Vacation Photography: A New Trend in the Age of Instagram

40 per cent of millennial travelers, consider their photos to be the most important part of their trip

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In an age when ‘How Instagrammable the location is’ is the number one factor for millennials to choose a holiday location, good photography has become indispensable to get more number of likes and followers. And now the trend is well established by the advanced cameras in phones. But phone cameras, no matter how good, cannot match the quality of photographs clicked by a professional photographer.

A Vacation Photographer for Travels


Imagine sunbathing on a beach, shades on your face, and sipping martinis. This kind of vacation bliss that people search so passionately for can be immortalized now. Hiring a professional photographer during vacations is the new trend that is transforming travel all across the world. In fact, 40 per cent of millennial travelers, consider their photos to be the most important part of their trip.

According to the Air Transport Action Group, the world's airlines carried a total of over 3 billion passengers in a single year. If we include travel via other mediums of transport, the figure easily crosses 4 billion.

The time of carrying a Kodak during vacations is long gone and the travel photography industry has completely undergone a qualitative change today. The increasing demand for professional photographers has provided a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs to capitalize on. These global travel photography platforms provide affordable photoshoot packages all around the world and people flock to them to get a chance to hire their very own paparazzi.

Beautiful Memories make for Extraordinary Experiences

Memorable travel photos are quintessential for travel. Nowadays, people not only travel for extraordinary experiences but also want to eternally preserve their travel moments for nostalgia. And if these memories are cropped photos and blurred shots, it spoils the whole experience altogether. 

At the same time, not everyone is capable of carrying an expensive camera and clicking professional photos. People are beginning to understand this now and forego buying an expensive camera. They hire a professional photographer so that their vacation photos actually do justice to the beautiful time they had on their travels.

Travel Photos can make or break Virtual Identities/Travel Photos are a Source of Instant Glory

Travel Photography is one of the most viewed content categories on social media to date. Today, the idea of travel encapsulates stunning photos with glamorous, celebrity-like feeling. If travel is not documented, it is equivalent to not happening at all. Therefore, most people travel to update and elevate their virtual identities. After all, there is quite a bit of glory to be had in posting exuberant and exotic photos.

A professional photographer can take care of everything - from capturing iconic shots to delivering social-media worthy pictures at the end. And this is the reason why ‘Hiring a professional photographer’ has gained immense popularity in India and the world. With just a little bit of money, a large number of people believe that they can conveniently immortalize themselves. 

This is especially true for honeymooners who are certainly not shy of going over the top with their social media photos. They are the sole reason that hiring a vacation photographer became an ongoing trend in recent years. As more people search for beautiful travel photos online, it naturally means travel photos get more likes, more recognition, and generally more gratification on the internet.

Travel Photography platforms: A Boon for Travellers

This ongoing trend has completely changed the way people travel. Travel Photography platforms are providing on-demand vacation photographers across the world to fulfill this need. And with traveling becoming accessible to all, most people jump at the chance to ensure that their once in a lifetime abroad vacation brings a lifetime of nostalgia.

As people travel for the sake of capturing precious moments and glorifying their virtual identities, they are increasingly using these global platforms to take care of their travel photography needs. After all, if you can get yourself captured like a celebrity so conveniently, why wouldn’t you? That too by paying less than 5 per cent of your total travel budget while doing so!

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