The Girl With Beauty and Wit

The outspoken feminist in India, Billi Maasi Aka Kusha Kapila talks about her journey from being a writer to an internet sensation and more
The Girl With Beauty and Wit
Image credit: Kusha Kapila

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Famous for sketches that take digs at the country’s rich, the digital star and content creator Kusha Kapila has become one of the top creators keeping the internet entertained during the lockdown. Best known for playing characters like Billi Maasi, she has over a million followers on Instagram.

Kusha’s content is hilarious yet nuanced and manage to take on challenging conversations about the many issues women face in India. Being constantly in touch with those interacting with her work, the internet sensation has had several learnings. We got in conversation with Kusha Kapila on what it means to be an influencer in India, served with a side of her endearing personality.

Larger than her own self is the persona created by an eloquent, contained and sharp woman who was once an aspiring journalist—Kapila rose from the writing desk at iDiva to become a talent that is now recognised by her many comic alter egos. She was born on September 19, 1989, in the capital city of New Delhi. Kusha first began working as a fashion journalist. After working in the fashion industry for half a decade, she became a part of a popular digital content platform. With her colleague Dolly Singh, who is another popular Instagram influencer in her own right, her series of sketches that parodied girls from South Delhi became popular with time and Kusha climbed the social media ladder of fame. From Karan Johar to the Ambanis, Kapila is known to anyone staying abreast with what's relevant in the country's pop culture scene.


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