5 Series That Every Entrepreneur Should Watch

The quarantine period has really got us hooked onto binge-watching web series and movies, sometimes even back to back. But who is to say entertainment can't be inspiring?

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Watching powerful entrepreneurs crush their workdays in an entrepreneur-based series is probably the best dose of inspiration you can get this pandemic season. There are, in fact, several series ranging over multiple seasons that tap on some great entrepreneurial setups.

Here are 5 series that every entrepreneur or aspiring entrepreneur must watch to get their work vibe going:

Dirty Money

This Netflix Original series is a gripping story of corporate fraud and deep rooted corruption. Discovering different facets like the fraudulances in online businesses, and other issues of corporate corruption, this show is one for the entreprenuers who know these dark pits of the corporate world all too well!


The popular web series based on New York lawyers and their work dynamics is a perfect entrepreneur's pick. The story progresses as Mike gets hired in a law firm with merit without even being a lawyer, and how Harvey his boss, and other colleagues face workplace dilemmas and find ways to solve them.

Shark Tank

The business-based reality TV show Shark Tank actually brings in novel entrepreneurs who put forth their ideas seeking investment in front of a panel of 5 business tycoon "sharks" who decide who they want to be business partners with. From product pitches to business ideas, this is the perfect side-watch for aspiring entrepreneurs.


A web series based on a cryptocurrency startup, this series explores the rise of a new currency called GenCoin. Ranging over three seasons and thirty episodes this Amazon Prime series with an ensemble cast of Adam Brody, Martin Freeman and several others is the perfect thriller for the entrepreneur world.

Better Call Saul

From the maker's Breaking Bad, this Saul Goodman starrer is a prequel to the Breaking Bad series, showing events that took place six years before the story. The events in the life of a lawyer who represents criminals, the series explores how he is introduced to the city's big and criminal realm.