Accept This Challenge, And Stand a Chance To Win Tesla Model S

Chatex has launched a 99 NFT ROBOTS Challenge with the aim to create a meta-universe of unique robots that have different characters and stories

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The Chatex Digital Creators Group has launched the first of its kind non-fungible token (NFT) collection. Starting April 21, the group has been publishing 1 unique NFT-based crypto art on Rarible under its new 99 NFT Robots Challenge. 


As of now, the Chatex Robots’ creators have already received strong feedback from the NFT community. As soon as the challenge is completed, the winner of a new Tesla Model S will be determined. 

The key goal of the campaign is to create a meta-universe of unique robots that have different characters and stories. For the first time in the history of the NFT market, during 99 days, the Chatex team will daily improve the universe and complement it with new archetypes of robots. Collectors, artists, and crypto enthusiasts will have the opportunity to participate in the development of the NFT collection designed in a unique style. Together with Chatex, the users are granted not only a chance to become the owners of unique NFTs but win the newest Tesla Model S.

Chatex expects the collection to inspire people worldwide by reflecting the diversity of human characters and the realities of people’s multifaceted life. The robots reflect people’s key achievements, advantages, as well as problems and flaws to be thought of. The uniqueness of the work will grow with the expansion of the Chatex brand and the creators’ recognition in the NFT market.

The challenge with the first drop has already started on April 21, 2021. The cost for different tokens will range from 0.099 ETH to 0.999 ETH, the number of copies of one robot will range from 9 to 99. Among those owners who will manage to purchase all the robots during the challenge, the winner of Tesla Model S will be chosen randomly. 

The results of the draw will be revealed on September 9, 2021. Thus, the creators of Chatex Robots will enable the secondary market to support the idea and participate in the challenge.

By purchasing NFT Chatex Robots, the participant of the challenge becomes not just the owner of tokens but the great part of the growing ecosystem and the Chatex crypto family.