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Mark Cuban Hits Back at Elon Musk, Says Mavs Will Still Accept Bitcoin

Mark Cuban took to Twitter to share his take on Bitcoin.


Mark Cuban took to Twitter to share his take on Bitcoin after Elon Musk sent shares of the cryptocurrency plummeting upon his announcement that Tesla would no longer be accepting the coin as a payment option.

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Cuban, who owns the Dallas Mavericks, said that despite Musk’s opinion, the Mavs would still accept Bitcoin (as well as other crypto coins Ether and Dogecoin) as payment.

“We know that replacing Gold as a store of value will help the environment,” Cuban wrote. “And shrinking big bank and coin usage will benefit society and the environment.”

Cuban linked out to two separate articles that explored the consumption of energy in bitcoin mining and how it is both necessary and renewable.

Twitter was less than thrilled with Cuban’s commentary, one user even calling the billionaire’s statement “nonsensical”.

Bitcoin was down nearly 10 percent as of early Thursday afternoon.

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