Do Influencers Actually Nudge Audience To Buy?

With the advent of influencer marketing, the online selling space has changed quite a bit. Here's what we think about it

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In the era of influencers and constant trends to keep up with, one does wonder how much do influencers influence one to actually buy things. While people on social media are susceptible to following trends and keeping up appearances, how many actionable purchases does one make based on something an influencer promotes?


With the advent of influencer marketing, the online selling space has changed quite a bit. Not only the products charting on top of sales have changed over the past few years, the ways in which brands are trying to sell these products have also taken a 360 degree turn. 

A picture in a magazine or quick video advertisement is no longer enough to convince vlog-watching audiences, that are undoubtedly much smarter with a quick access to first-hand reviews. There is nothing as upclose and personal as having a user (or at least one who seems like a user) review the product. Sometimes the influence of these popular people on social media is what

does the selling more than a personal touch. You’d be surprised how someone with a wide following on their socials can sell just about anything to their followers.

The pressing question is still not answered here! With their raving popularity and the unmatched attention that they gain, influencers successfully make widespread promotions, but how many successful sales do they make. While 18 per cent of marketers spend over $100,000 per year on influencer marketing, they can expect a $6.5 return on each dollar they spent on influencers. To answer the question, well influencers do a pretty good job at influencing.

Influencer marketing, in fact, brings in up to 89 per cent in ROI along with a 5.2 per cent increase in overall purchase intent. It is no surprise that over 49 per cent buyers look for influencer recommendation and many of them want to own products that they saw online. Whether it is their popularity and influence that does the deed or simply FOMO that make people want to purchase what these influencers use, whatever it is, it surely works!