Digital Trends

Do We Want Computers That Behave Like Humans?

Computers' abilities can exceed our own. Why do we work so hard to make them more like us?

Baruch Labunski

How to Use Pop-Up Ads Without Annoying Your Visitors

Capitalize on the benefits of a pop-up ad without irritating or turning off your audience.

Timothy Carter

Inclusion and Accessibility in the Digital Space

Inclusive and accessible design is a key component for UI and UX. Reaching a broader audience in a way that is effective and meaningful requires considerations of a spectrum of user types, backgrounds and capabilities.

Goran Paun

Make Your Brand a Household Name Using the Power of NFTs

More companies are now turning to NFTs to create instant recognition of their brand.

How Entrepreneurs Can Take Advantage of the Next Big Shift in Media

The media industry is bound to experience another major shift. Here's how to prepare for it.

Ginni Saraswati

Toast CEO Chris Comparato on Why Restaurants Need a Tech Partner That Cares

Interview with Toast CEO Chris Comparato about leading with the customer in mind, having a digital-first mentality, and how technology like Toast is helping restaurants thrive.

Top 5 Strategies For Accelerating Digital Transformation

For every modern business to enjoy success in the market, it needs to accelerate its digital transformation.

Steve Taplin

More Platforms, More Problems: Holistic Solutions Can Perfect Your Digital Experience

If you're not looking at everything in the digital customer experience, you're missing something.

Asim Zaheer

7 Digital-Transformation Trends to Watch

Digital transformation often is driven by customer expectations, so it only makes sense for businesses to comply to thrive.

Alon Ghelber

The Pandemic Transitioned the Legal Industry Into the Digital Age

Covid-19 forced businesses and social interactions to rely on technology because of social distancing rules exacerbated by fear. The legal industry, being no exception, was forced to embrace technology, shedding unnecessary ritual and processes. The result became a more efficient industry, where client interests trump anachronistic conventions.

Yuri Vanetik

What My Kids' Roblox Addiction Taught Me About the Metaverse

While business leaders are speculating about the metaverse, our kids are already living in it.

Tina Mulqueen

7 Ways to Protect Yourself in the World of NFTs

Heighten your awareness and self-preservation against scammers and hackers in this digital marketplace.

Nick Brucker