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Is a Shared Love of Philanthropy the Secret to Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sanchez' Happy Relationship?

The couple's 'excitement' is palpable during meetings on addressing climate, education and homelessness, says a source.

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In the past few months, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, 57 and his girlfriend Lauren Sanchez, 51, made several outings in Washington to support their favorite causes.

Stefanie Keenan | Getty Images

"It's been a focus and bright spot for them, particularly over the last year," a source told People.

In Des Moines, the couple visited Bezos Academy, their first tuition-free Montessori-inspired preschool for underserved children. And in Seattle, Bezos and Sanchez hosted Governor Jay Inslee for a tour of Mary’s Place, a homeless shelter on Amazon’s corporate campus which opened last year. 

But the couple, who went public with their relationship in January 2019, was involved in giving back even before the pandemic.

In one of their last meetings before the lockdown, the pair met with French President Emmanuel Macron to discuss climate change and sustainability around Bezos’s Earth Fund. The Amazon founder even posted a photo on Instagram to highlight the Paris meeting. 

In the past year Bezos and Sanchez have made a big effort to get more involved says a source:  

"They've been active in it — doing a lot of the calls themselves and meeting with the people working on the various initiatives they're involved with."

Bezos recently announced he’s stepping down as Amazon CEO on July 5th. But the billionaire first mentioned his departure In February, saying he was looking forward to using his free time to work on ventures like the Bezos Earth Fund and Blue Origin, his private rocket company.

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