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Airbnb's New 'Icons' Cost Less Than $100 Per Night, Including the House from 'Up' and Prince's 'Purple Rain' Sorry hosts, here's a look at some of the new competition.

By Sherin Shibu

Key Takeaways

  • Airbnb is releasing close to a dozen Icons experiences priced at under $100.
  • These overnight stays take guests into new worlds, but are difficult to score.
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After successfully trying out the Barbie Dreamhouse and Shrek Swamp experiences last year, Airbnb is creating a new category of rentals that look straight out of a dreamland.

On Wednesday, Airbnb released its first 11 Icons, or rental-experiences inspired by movies like "Up" and musicians like Prince. The goal is to bring iconic, international stays to a lucky group of Airbnb customers for under $100 per guest, according to the company. Most of the Icons experiences are free.

One experience invites guests to crash at an X-Men-inspired mansion in New Castle, New York. Another features Grammy-winning artist Doja Cat as a host, complete with a one-on-one musical performance of some of her favorite songs.

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Airbnb Icons examples. Credit: Airbnb

Here's how it works: Guests can request to book an experience for free through the Airbnb app as soon as each Icon goes live. Airbnb will then select the lucky few that will receive a digital golden ticket, or invite, into the experience.

Airbnb will make more than 4,000 golden tickets available this year globally.

"When I was a kid, most of my life was experienced in the real world," Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky said at the Airbnb Summer 2024 Release Event in Los Angeles. "And as life becomes increasingly digital, what we're focused on is creating more magic in the real world."

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Here's an inside look into some of the Icons, plus how much they cost and when they start taking bookings.

The Up House

Listing image 10

Listing image 2

There's some old memories of us to see along the stairs. Oh, and don't mess around with my chair—I'll know.

Good luck finding a better view while eating a delicious bowl of bran flakes.  Gets me hungry just thinking about it. I know being a Host means you've got to let someone sleep in your bed. So here. It's comfy and has a quilt that reminds me of the picnic blanket Ellie and I would daydream on. Credit: Airbnb

Where: Abiquiu, New Mexico

Standout feature: The 8,000 balloons attached to this re-creation of the iconic home from Up.

When Bookings Open: Now until May 14

Cost: Free

The Ferrari Museum

Museo Ferrari in Maranello isn't just a structure, it is a chronicle of our relentless pursuit of excellence, becoming a beacon for lovers of the Ferrari brand as a place to celebrate our journey, past, present and our ever unfolding future. Listing image 9We've introduced a bed to the Museo Ferrari, inspired by the surrounding  race cars. Hand-stitched in the newest red created for this season. The metal decor in the room totals 3,000 m, the length of the Maranello race track.

Credit: Airbnb

Where: Maranello, Italy

Standout features: Guests sleep on a bed made of the same leather as Ferrari seats and take a lap with Scuderia Ferrari ambassador driver Marc Gené.

When Bookings Open: May 6

Cost: To be announced.

A Re-creation of Marvel Animation's X-Mansion

This Sentinel shouldn't have come knocking, especially with Wolverine opening the door. Sucks to be a mutant-hunting robot.

Where: New Castle, New York

Standout features: Guests get an official diploma and class photo before they leave.

When Bookings Open: Now until May 13

Cost: $97 per guest

The Musée d'Orsay

Your home for the Opening Ceremony of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. The Musée d'Orsay.

I've created a bedroom inside the Musée d'Orsay's clock room for an unparalleled one-night stay, complete with a view of the 2024 Opening Ceremony from your window.

Listing image 31

Listing image 73Credit: Airbnb

Where: Paris, France

Standout feature: Guests will be the first to sleep in a bedroom designed in the Paris art museum's clock room. They will also get to watch the Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games Paris 2024.

When Bookings Open: May 21

Cost: To be announced.

Prince's Purple Rain house

Credit: Airbnb

Where: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Standout feature: Airbnb Chief Business Officer Dave Stevenson told Yahoo Finance's Akiko Fujita on Thursday that guests will "hear previously unreleased tracks that no one has heard before."

When Bookings Open: August

Cost: To be announced.

Khaby Lame Gaming Session

Listing image 1

Listing image 7

Sleep is life.

Credit: Airbnb

Where: Milano, Italy

Standout feature: TikTok-famous Khaby Lame invites guests to his gaming loft to play some games and learn TikTok skills.

When Bookings Open: Now until May 13

Cost: Free

Tour For A Week with Reggaeton Star Feid

Just another night in paradise, here with the FERXXOCALIPSIS bus. Let's laugh, my friends.

Come and get a taste of tour life with me and my parche.

Credit: Airbnb

Where: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Standout feature: Guests can hit the road for a week with reggaeton star Feid, with backstage access, front-row seats and VIP access to performances.

When Bookings Open: May 3

Cost: To be announced.

Stay At Bollywood star Janhvi Kapoor's Family Home

This home holds countless memories with my beloved family. It's been our little coastal secret, until now. Be among the first to step into our haven and make some memories of your own.

Tuck into my canopy bed. You'll love the crisp white sheets and a cozy canopy surrounding you, I know I do.

Listing image 3

Listing image 4

Listing image 29
Credit: Airbnb

Where: Chennai, India

Standout feature: Relaxation is key to this experience; Bollywood star Janhvi Kapoor will host guests, take them on a private tour of the home, and teach them natural skincare recipes.

When Bookings Open: May 12

Cost: To be announced.

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