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5 Bold Post-Pandemic Predictions From AI Legend and Hypergiant Founder Ben Lamm

Here's how one of the leading thinkers in AI sees the years ahead of us.


Ben Lamm, the founder of Hypergiant, guides organizations like NASA, The Air Force, Apple and Twitter on how to use AI to achieve "intelligent transformation." His experience founding and selling four companies has made him one of the most sought-after advisors on AI investments, critical infrastructure and space.


Here are five predictions for trends Lamm believes we'll see post-pandemic.

1. Increased focus on exploring space (and protecting Earth)

Humans were designed for Earth — our increased focus on space exploration will highlight that organisms are wired for the planet where they were created. Bill Nye is on Hypergiant's executive advisory board, and I was at a dinner where Bill was asked if he wanted to live on Mars, and he said, "Absolutely not, Earth is awesome and everything on Mars is designed to kill us." And, I tend to agree. I'd love to go to Mars, but I don't want to live there. However, space exploration is important because it helps us to uncover new technologies, ideas and ways of working that improve life on Earth.

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2. We're entering a safe time to invest

Whether times are good or bad, investment is actually focused on what's predictable. We know what the future looks like: we have a vaccine, not everyone will take it, we know the virus will continue, and now we know that markets and business will continue with it, or other pandemic-like events. So, it's a good time to raise money if you're an entrepreneur because investors believe that it is a "safe" time to invest and the future is bright.

3. Austin will become a key operator

Austin is on its way to becoming a big city, and the key to being one is the ability to quickly adapt. Big cities just work faster than small cities to adopt the latest tech and ideas: they create urban farms, they have social solutions, they develop incubation corridors, etc. That's what's up next for Austin — it has done a remarkable job of getting people to the city, but now will need to focus on solving critical infrastructure, transportation, and other scale issues. Sometimes you have to slow down and prepare for growth in order to speed back up.

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4. Data's role in everything will explode

Demand for data is moving 10x faster right now, ranging from connectivity services to observation, monitoring and analysis. We can see the demand for space products by tracking space-dependent application companies, such as ride-hailing service Uber, and the terrestrial-based distribution technologies connecting to satellites, encompassing antenna businesses including Isotropic Systems. As data needs increase, so does the space industry because more suppliers are necessary to help solve terrestrial problems.

5. AI-powered productivity will be king

Offices should learn from AI: the more AI models we make and actually get into production, the better our ability to scale AI adoption and learn from AI use cases. In theory, this is less organized — more free-floating, decentralized units that accomplish much more. The same effect needs to be achieved with the hybrid office/remote workers - a framework that lets each individual, team or group run in their own direction. Asynchronizing the office is the key to this. Work will become more independent, personalized and flexible — if we do it right.

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