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Tricon Plans To Spend On Pizza Hut, KFC Expansion In Thailand


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Bangkok-Shrugging off critics' claims that the Western-style fast-food business is reaching its saturation point, Tricon Global Restaurants Inc. announced plans to invest 1.2 billion baht (about $28 million) in expanding its Pizza Hut and KFC brands in Thailand this year.

"The fast-food business still has plenty of growth potential," said Hester Chew, vice president and managing director of Tricon Restaurants International. "Right now it's only a fraction of total food consumption in Thailand."

Tricon and KFC franchisees in Thailand will spend about 600 million baht (about $14 million) on an additional 30 to 40 KFC outlets, and the remaining 600 million will be invested in about 50 new Pizza Hut restaurants, creating about 3,000 new jobs. -Bangkok Post