The Daily Grind Has Its Moments

You are often reminded of your impact when you need it most.

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Have you ever found yourself feeling like you’re busy all through the day, yet there’s nothing really of value to showcase once you come to the end of it?


Now, take that one day from your memory, and imagine it happening repeatedly over the course of a week or more. That’s the scenario I found myself in recently after a particularly hectic period at work, during which I was tackling one task after the other on what seemed to be an infinite to-do list, and yet, I somehow still felt like I wasn’t accomplishing anything particularly worthwhile.

That is, until I came across a candid video of Ketish founder Emaan Abbass, who we had featured in the August 2021 issue of Entrepreneur Middle East, coming across that publication, and the story that I had written in it about her and her business, for the very first time.

Let me try to describe what I saw in this recording that was shared on Instagram Stories by one of Abbass’ friends. Her reaction starts with absolute shock- Abbass gasps as she sees herself in print, before bursting into tears, and then tumbling into the throes of pure exhilaration. Abbass’ joy is resplendent in this video, and it was positively heartening to see her react to the work that I and my team do in such a positive, wholesome manner.

In fact, it was just the thing I needed to remind myself of what really drives me to do what I do at Entrepreneur Middle East, despite it seeming like a never-ending pile of work at times- and that is to enable entrepreneurs like Abbass, give them the support and validation that they need and deserve, and be a part of their growth journeys into the future.

As entrepreneurs, I am sure that there are times when you, like me in the aforementioned scenario, start to question the value of what you do, especially when things aren’t going the way they are supposed to. During such moments, make it a point to seek out or reflect on the positive impact of what you do on those around you. Your work matters.

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Aby Sam Thomas

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Aby Sam Thomas is the Editor in Chief of Entrepreneur Middle East. In this role, Aby is responsible for leading the publication on its editorial front, while also working to build the brand and grow its presence across the MENA region through the development and execution of events and other programming, as well as through representation in conferences, media, etc.

Aby has been working in journalism since 2011, prior to which he was an analyst programmer with Accenture, where he worked with J. P. Morgan Chase's investment banking arm at offices in Mumbai, London, and New York. He holds a Master's Degree in Journalism from the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism in New York.